Nov 27, 2010

Bucket List, Rain and Houses

It hardly seems like yesterday since we left Western Australia to take up a posting here in Victoria Australia. We have driven over 4,100km to get here, arriving on Thursday evening. .. It was the most unusual trip, we had planned on having this wonderful holiday / honeymoon on the way, but what neither of us took into account was how we felt...  We are a Military family so posting to new places is not unusual for us, we just didnt take into account how this posting had rattled our cage and impacted on us.. all the support going into the children, who felt like they were abandoning their mum  and Derek and I feeling very sad this time leaving his elderly parents.
I had mentioned we were heading to the South West corner of Western Australia, where we had plans to visit a whaling museum in Albany before heading to Esperance. When we arrived at Albany we were both worn out, so we booked into a motel, skipped the museum and headed on to Esperance the next morning.. we got there at lunch time decided not to stay and kept driving,  it was crossed off our bucket list as been there, a done that and the t shirt wasn't worth buying.. *laughing* don't we sound like a couple of sorry a**ed cases. I do have some photos I will post, but the camera is still in the car and it is pouring down here.. that in itself is odd since we have lived the past 2 years in an area, that has been suffering from pretty serious drought..
Yesterday, we were offered a couple of houses, they are not in our *rating* but as they are all that was offered we have to choose between two. I think we have settled on one and it is down on the "patch" an affectionate term used  for the housing area, used by those who live on the Navy Base. The area is actually very pretty with lots of trees and bush, birds and at times Koalas. When I went through the place, I wondered how on earth I was going to squeeze everything from a large four bedroom house into a smaller three bedroom house..
I know I will manage, and I know in my heart I can make this house a home for us, I also remember something Rhonda said over on Down To Earth, and that is Bloom Where Your Planted  and if that is where the Navy plant us, then that is where I will grow.. Tomorrow, I will share the high light of my trip -  my visit to Maggie Beers..
P/S// as all our stuff is still in shipping containers somewhere, and as we are in temporary accomodtaion, I had to go out and buy a manufactured sponge for the kitchen... oh my goodness.. I hate it.. I so prefer my own hand knitted cotton dish cloths, I know now I will never go back to store bought clothes willingly.


Trik82 said...

Hoping your things get to you all soon and you flourish and bloom in your new family home! Sending you hope, faith & positivity xoxo

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