Caught On Camera

This is a bit of a rogue gallery. A selection of  photos - some of favorite people, places and situations - 

If you click on the photos you will see them in a larger size.

This is my wee grandson Corben and no he doesn't spend all his time in a cage - but here he is totally happy sharing cookies with his friends..

Another one of our water baby.. buried in bubbles
Little boy looking cool.. wearing Daddies glasses

Isn't it funny, it matters not if they are 2 or in their 20's, I am afraid some things just never change! Brother and sister doing only what adult kids do *some days they make me feeeeel so old*

I love this photo, even though it is a couple of years old, it was taken on ANZAC DAY after dawn parade, to remember our fallen service men and woman. I made them play nice to have this photo, it was about the 15th click before I was happy with it...*laughing* mean me, it was freezing too.. my man and my daughter.

The Furries
There is always mischief afoot in our house.. and here is mischief in the form of Dim Sim (yes a sailor that spent to much time in far off places named her) aka 'CAT'or Sacred Temple Kittie

 - I can fix yes?.....

hmmm this is treatz for dat dog
Wait! Me findz more treats for uz k

Hand Fasting / Wedding Photos:
My wee altar within the circle ready for the ceremony: 

By the Elements the rings are blessed -
Earth, Air, Water, Fire 

Our beautiful Goddess loving celebrant - Tamara Lampard

Waiting to be bound with hand fasting cords

My beloved besom, waiting to be jumped

He and Me
Derek and I

My two favourite men

One of those photos I was made to stand still for.

Peeking out the door, Tamara in the background

Dress and Sporan

 Bouquet and Sporan
I really love these  photo.. We were proud to wear the family tartan of The Royal Stewart Clan. I made the invites and the wedding favors, and both had the Stewart tartan ribbon. We had kept what we where wearing a secret, only my son new - everyone else thought D would be wearing mess undress..funny phrase isn't it. With such a phrase one would expect him to arrive in his boxer shorts, but in  the Royal Navy (as we are down here in Australia) there is a distinction between "mess dress" which is worn at all white tie events and "mess undress" which is worn at all black tie events. He walked out and his mum burst into tears.. she was so overwhelmed, *smiling*