Nov 12, 2010

Oh My Goodness

You ever have one of those moments in time, when realisation leaves you absolutely mortified and there is diddly squat you can do to rectify the embarrassing situation... and then you re-run it over and over and go "omg how embarrassing"  Welllllllll I been doing that since last night, and even as I sit and type it, my stomach rolls with each recall.. gosh maybe I am a closet masochist for reliving it.. but really I wish I could fix it and I can't and I can't apologise and and and ... aughhhhhhhhhhh.
Lemme tell y'all what has happened and then you can say it's ok it will pass and I will say but it's horrible.

As we are getting closer to leaving, I will be putting a on vacation sign over on my Made It store, and yesterday morning I was making up a few orders that had arrived via email. I had individual wrapping paper squares on the bench with the orders all in a row and on the table there were two more little parcels - these where not orders but little thank you gifts. Now yesterday morning had been insanely busy, I had been trying to pack up all my soap making stuff, print brochures and be finished for a hairdressing appointment, Miss 12 seeing me in a bit of a flap, asked if there was anything she could do to help.. yes bless her, "slide price lists into the bottom of all them", pointing to the stuff on the bench, "and I will come wrap" I gave her a hug and off she went to school.. I wrapped everything and took them to post...
Last night before bed, I gave her a hug and said thanks for the help this morning, I really appreciate it, she smiled a great big smile and said, "That is ok, I even did the two you forgot about on the table"
I near choked, my stomach rolled and I audibly groaned, when I realised she had put price lists into the presents and I had already given them to the recipients!  I have given handmade thank  you gifts to two people as a sign of appreciation and they have price lists in their for the same stuff.. I can't doooooooooooo anything about it... but I'm dying of embarrassment here.


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Oops! I'm sure they won't mind! They might even end up buying stuff from your store! :D

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