Mar 23, 2012

Things We Told Our Children



I am not usually a stooopid person, but it has taken me several day to work out why I have not been able to log into my blog.. one little tick on one little box, made all the difference. Shame it took so long to wade through all the Google app info to find it.
If something is working why change it :-)

Mar 8, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

 I have been away from blog-dom, because I felt the need to build a fortress around my family and I needed the energy to help our family heal. Some of the experiences over the last month or so have been painfully hard and left us feeling quiet vulnerable, so we have been working hard at not letting these feelings sour how we see the world or the people in it. 

Life is such a precious gift, it is fragile and fleeting and I think the older one gets, the more this truth reaches out and reveals itself to you.  I can not speak for others in my family, but I know I am still very much living one day at a time, looking to find grace and beauty and gratitude in all that I do each day. I feel blessed that I am learning to be wise and graceful enough to say thank you, even in the face of adversity.
There will be many more hard weeks and months ahead however I am thankful in-spite of all that has happened and all that will be heading our way, to be grateful for all I have, for the strength I have as a woman, and for the ability I am learning to adapt and overcome. 
Some of the initial fog is lifting and I am again enjoying the sanctity of my home, the cleaning and the meal preparation, knitting and gardening - all the while redefining those boundaries that keep us as a family feeling united and secure.
I have a few wee craft projects I want to try, so when I do I will share them here.. I think they are nifty even if I do say so myself. 

I found this on facebook a few days ago..