Nov 10, 2010

Big Kid - Little Kid

Caleb has been back in New Zealand a week, he is back in his job as a corrections officer, a job that makes me worry, but I trust the Goddess to watch over him.. I miss him a great deal.. but seeing photos like this makes it a little easier.. these photos are precious and looking at these photos which have just arrived just makes my heart swell..  little Corban is a dead ringer of his Dadda at the same age 4 months over 2 -  I am a proud Muma and Nana to see my boy with his boy..

These were taken tonight after CJ's (Corbans) bath

Story time with Dadda - think he is asleep

Precious Moments


Leeanna said...

Goodness he's a handsome guy. Wendy, my sweet friend, I am having a giveaway on my blog and I noticed that you haven't entered yet. Please stop by and see it and enter. I don't want you left out dear.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

A lovely family and that last photo is gorgeous ♥

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