Nov 16, 2010


Over the last few days, I have been flat out like a lizard drinking - tomorrow the big guns arrive and pack up the house.. Thursday the shipping containers arrive... it is finally happening.
I spent a good portion of yesterday cleaning, the mans bar fridge, the kitchen fridge, two bathrooms, from top to bottom and then spent rest of the day with my head in the oven, no it isn't a gas one I was trying to get it perfectly sparklie and clean, I was getting seriously miffed with this sparklie thing and settled on just clean after the main screw that held the oven door glass in place, went down the kitchen sink plug hole! There were a few interesting and choice, newly invented expletives flying about the kitchen, as I figured since the tap was running, the water  would have washed the offending screw right over the S bend never to be seen again - the minute D walked in the door, I shoved him under the sink to look,  I knew he had the screw when I heard a muffled " Woooaar Gunbuster!" from under the bench. Never fear when a sailor is near.. door glass back in place I was much relieved, I had vision of  many big $$$$$$$ as it wasn't your run of the mill screw.
Mister P and DimSim fly to Melbourne tonight and into kennels tomorrow, both of them know something is up.. Well, I am off to pack up some more personal stuff.. and clean the deep freeze... but first go check out this... it is your awwwwww for the day, Sue over at Living The Good Life   has had a calf, no not Sue her cow Cara.. it is the sweetest baby, I dare you to go over and get a warm fuzzy.

Airport?  I'm not going to no stinkin' airport.
 I stay in here - they never find 'Sacred Temple Kitty'


Lisa said...

Wow is it that time already! I bet you can't wait till it's all finished. Happy packing and cleaning :)

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Hi Wendy, I had a Wee cuddle with Little Gem this morning, do you wnat me to give her one from you too? :D Hey good luck with the move, the animals will be fine I'm sure! We shifted two 14 yr olda cats from the UK to NZ and they were sweet as, it was me who was the wreck!

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