Nov 25, 2010

Pike River Miners - RIP

As an ex pat Kiwi (New Zelander) my heart broke as I followed this best I could as I travelled across Australia. It was gut wrenching news to learn that all 29 men had perished at the Pike River Mine... My heart goes out to each of the those families whose men will not be returning home..

Conrad Adams, 43, Malcolm Campbell, 25, Glen Cruse, 35, Allan Dixon, 59,Zen Drew, 21, Christopher Duggan, 31, Joseph Dunbar, 17, John Hale, 45, Daniel Herk, 36, David Hoggart, 33, Richard Holling, 41, Andrew Hurren, 32, Jacobus 'Koos' Jonker, 47, William Joynson, 49, Riki Keane, 28, Terry Kitchin, 41, Samuel Mackie, 26, Francis Marden, 42, Michael Monk, 23, Stuart Mudge, 31, Kane Nieper, 33, Peter O'Neill, 55, Milton Osborne, 54, Brendan Palmer, 27, Benjamin Rockhouse, 21, Peter Rodger, 40, Blair Sims, 28, Joshua Ufer 25, Keith Valli, 62.


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