Mar 30, 2011

Butterfly Effect

There had been a power cut during the night, the clock was flashing red blips.. it was 5.20am, I thought it a tad odd to have a power cut with no storm or heavy rain.  It was a dark and dreary morning when I let the dog out, 4 hours later as I look out the window beside me, I can see the sun trying to peak through a grey sky. The rays are hitting the water droplets on the fallen leaves on the lawn.. the wind is rustling the leaves in the gum tree in the front yard, I can hear volleys of shots coming from the rifle range on the Navy Base where I live. A solitary helicopter can be heard off in the distance yet I can still hear the crow who visits me here everyday, he didn't stay long this morning, he didn't try to look in my kitchen window or be his usual bossy self... perhaps he senses what the rest of us are feeling.
The flags are flying half mast here today, hearts are heavy with disbelief and sadness. When something happens within this "Base family" we all feel the effects from it, and I am no different.
Our base here is the major training facility, and last night 5 of our recruits were involved in a horrific car accident less than 5 minutes from the base. So close to home.. they were so close to being back on board,       safe.. Three of these boys have been placed in, induced comas and are in very critical condition the other 2 were fatally injured.
I sit here wondering how my husband is feeling, as he often deals with these young recruits from the EF, All these boys were from the same class, a class of ten - while the remaining five class mates are being well supported, I can not but help to wonder how this will impact on the rest of their lives and careers.
The butterfly effect of this accident is immense, and I can do no more than burn a candle for the families of these men, whose lives and careers have changed forever. May they find some comfort in the days and weeks to come. There are days when I wish I was not an empath, today is one of them.
For those who wish to read the news article...

Mar 25, 2011

Witchin' in my kitchen

Well, with a few days of cooler weather and that wonderful autumn breeze blowing in, came a day of kitchen contentment. Early in the day, I had an autumn clean, bit like a spring clean in March. I dusted, vacuumed, tidied out the laundry and the linen cupboard, polished the copper and brass bits about the house, I even did a bit of razzle dazzle to the windows before putting some lavender buds and calendula petals into some oil to infuse. Wth them set on the window ledge, I thought about making a large pot of soup - my husband who is not well with a pretty nasty head cold would appreciate for a late lunch. With the kitchen window wide open, I could feel the wonderful south westerly breeze coming in as I chopped the veges.
Now I do not know if any other of you pick up your vegetables and smell them while chopping... I do unashamedly. Swedes..
I cup them gently and really take in the fragrance..  the aroma of these beautiful old fashioned globes, speak to me of cool days, loamy soil and secrets held deep within the earth, yet when you taste them they are sweet and succulent.. they do wonders for my Pagan heart :-)
This is what they were added to.. some good old fashioned chicken soup, good for the soul they say.. good for the tummy I think. 
While this was bubbling away, I took the dough that had been in the bread maker and fashioned them into some Rosemary Bread Rolls.. these things are so good. The recipe came from The Pioneer Woman Cooks
These bread rolls are the best and a firm favorite in our house, not light on the calories but who's going to worry about that with soup. Besides gives me a chance to give my skillet a workout.

And lastly a bunch of cookies, now these are also from the Pioneer Woman cooks.. I have the book, but the recipe is here.. Oatmeal Crisps  Being in Australia I dont have access to Crisco and use plain butter works just fine, I also drop the sugar buy 1/4 cup. This recipe makes a lot of biscuits, which is great if you can get them to last.

Mar 20, 2011

An ode to the Autumn Equinox (Mabon)

To my sisters here in the Southern half - blessed Mabon may there be balance and protection for you and to those sisters in the North, Blessed Ostara may it bring you energy, strength and abundance.

Mar 18, 2011

On my mind ...

This is a Friday photo feature that anyone with a blog can join. It opens the door to us sharing our lives through these photos and gives us all a new way to discover each other, and maybe form new friendships. Your photo should show something at home that you're thinking about TODAY. If you're in another country you should join in when you read this, even if it's still Thursday.

To take part, all you have to do is post a photo, write a short caption explaining it, and link it back to here. Please write a new post, don't link to an older one. When your photo is published, come back and add a comment below, with a link to your blog photo. Please visit all the blogs that appeal to you and leave a comment. If you are wondering why no one has commented on your On my mind post, maybe it's because you haven't commented on anyone else's. Slow down, take the time to cruise around and enjoy your cyber visits.

On my mind, is a "sea change" or our "retirement place" we have been looking at places for sale for the last month,, dreaming and looking. We would like a few acres for chickens, a couple of angora goats and a cow.. oh and a BIG vege garden. We are looking at Tasmania and South Australia.. *sigh*

Mar 14, 2011

6.30 News

How insignificant does it really make us? when we, the human race presume to act as if we know or can do it all.  Medically, genetically, industrially, scientifically whateverlly - we put men on the moon? why just because we can... we mess with dna, why? because we can, we mess with nuclear energy and physics with enough power to destroy us, why? because we can, we bore holes into the earth, carve out super mines, dam up waterways, change the natural flow of nature and then like something out of a Hollywood movie special effects studio, the earth groans under the weight of it all, and the house of cards we built all falls down.
I am not saying ANY country is being punished for these actions, what I am saying is how small we are in the scheme of things, how powerless we really are against things.
Skyhooks really got it right, when they sang, it is a horror movie, the 6.30 news. A real story of horror!
As I watched the Tsunami the other night it could have been taken as something that didn't really look real, again because I think we as a race have been desensitized by television and movies, kids think the dead guys always get up and bad things are really not that bad because there is always a winner at the end of the show... well the news isn't make believe and how the hell do we as a race help find the winners at the end of the show... one thing that this has reinforced for me is - we may all look different, our skin maybe a different colour and we may not speak the same language, but we all sound the same when we scream, feel terror and loss the same gut wrenching way -  and our tears all taste the same when we cry for you in Japan and Christchurch.
No matter what your spiritual belief, I hope that you will put your faith with mine, in asking/praying to the Deities for relief and comfort to those suffering the horrors still unfolding in Japan, and those still coming to terms with their loss in Christchurch also.

Mar 10, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I missssss my blog.. but I have been busy as busy can be. I am working hard at getting a small business going, and that is taking a lot of time at the moment. Having moments where I want to go stoppppp!!!! I want to go bake cookies and make bread and do all them other things, I do know though things will balance out once I am into a routine with my home also being my work place now.. lots of laughter and hair pulling moments.. today was one of them...
Ever have one of these days where stuff just goes pear shaped? I had my first ever really REALLY seized soap, and a recipe I use all the time, only thing I can put it down to is the brand of olive oil... I mashed
and squished it and got the mess into the mold.. what seemed like an eternity to clean the stick blender.. next batch fine... ha-ha luck didn't last.. made a batch scented it up with Coconut.. decided it didn't smell like
anything because of scent overload... made what was a very cool swirl  then off it went to incubate.. clean up time.. duh me.. didn't smell like coconut cause it was grapefruit! I had hauled the wrong bottle off the shelf..
Top of a day filled with gremlins, I burnt lunch - interesting flavour to the omelette, I am glad they say charcoal is good for the digestion. The post came shortly after delivering 250 business cards. I was so excited until I seen one wrong digit in the phone number...  whose fault was that, mine.. bang head on desk..  hey it is another day tomorrow and the start of a long weekend. :-)

Mar 4, 2011

Wolf song

I saw this today and I thought it to beautiful not to share...

Mar 1, 2011

1st March .. whoo hoo

Ohhhh it is the first day of autumn today, I love autumn, it is my my most favorite month and is host to my fav celebration Mabon the autumn equinox.. this is my first real autumn/winter in two years, and while I have really missed the scourging heat of Western Australia, there is something deep with that is making all my witchy bits tingle.. the final harvest is finally coming to close and the Crone will wander her way across the land.. with the pace settling about us,  that wonderful time of reflection and Blessed Be

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile." - William Cullen Bryant

Wool Felted Soap **With Free Gift ** - by FromMyHearth on madeit

Wool Felted Soap **With Free Gift ** - by FromMyHearth on madeit