A Little About Me

Writing about ones self, has got to be one of the most difficult tasks.. .Firstly, I am 50 mumble wonderful years old - some days I am madly menopausal, some days I am quite sane - I'm the mother to four kids, my daughter Sarah is 31 lives here in Melbourne - then there is my boy Caleb 30, he is a Corrections Officer who lives in New Zealand. He made me a very proud Nana to Corben and Foden. Corben who is 5, he is our  FPIES  boy (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) and our second wee boy is 9 months old now but wait, there is also young Robert 17 and Miss Courtney 14 -  these are my kids from another mother, who came to live with us when their Mama passed away early in 2009, lot's of adjustments for me to becoming a mother figure again when my nest had been empty near 10 years.  So there is now never a dull moment in my life *smiles*
Maybe this should have been at the beginning of this spiel, I am a daughter of the Goddess, I love my Earth Mother, I spread my arms and welcome the Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water, I celebrate to the best of my ability the turning of the Wheel. Strange for someone who blogs, I am a surprisingly shy and private person.. no seriously, I am really.. 

 I am originally from Wellington the capital city of New Zealand. I made my way here to Australia a whole lot of years ago and have never regretted the choice. I love it here! When I moved here I met up with the most amazing man, who is now my husband.. he is Scottish born and has been serving his country in the Navy for 32 years..  He is the love of my and I would follow him to the ends of the earth. Together we try to live a sustainable and simpler lifestyle, and are both looking forward to the time, we have a house that isn't Navy owned so we can take to the yard with a back hoe and plant herbs, veges and fruit trees on a grand scale, move in a heap of chickens, a couple of angora goats and a few English Mastiffs! You will find me mostly positive, intelligent and down to earth, easy going with a sometimes, mischievous sense of humour. I am passionate about many things - my family, animal welfare and conservation, the ocean, sustained and green living and as a published illustrator, I still enjoy messing about with photography.. I love soap making, baking bread, fermented foods, knitting, reading and learning new things.
I have my own cottage industry,  making soap and natural skin goodies, I am stay at home wife and mother who is happiest when tending her hearth and home.