Nov 4, 2010

Little Minutes

Yesterday here was a bit of a scorcher it got up to around 35c (mid 90's) so I spent the day making some salads to have with out barbecue I made potato, basil and tomato pasta and some coleslaw along with the requested Tiramasui I did take a photo of the latter but it came out looking shocking, so Im not going to post it...  Remember I said the kids where going to barbecue - here they are cooking - haha Courtney is hiding her face because she was reminded of an incident involving funny faces in wedding photos.

Now here is how the bbq really got cooked.. blurry photos think I need a new camera..

And we are a family of carnivores.. Im afraid if it is not red my husband does not think it is meat! Im working on that I promise. He is getting better though :-)

We finally managed to get everyone in side to eat, we did contemplate eating al fresco, but outdoor dinning in Western Australia when the temperatures are in the mid to high 30's can see you and your steak being carried off by blowies the size of Seahawk Helo's (helicopters) - so we are in doors - by this stage my husband wanted to eat and toss the camera in the trash., Bless Him 

Christmas 2007 different house, different State
3 years later and 'The dog shouldn't be at the table son" still hasn't sunk in lol
We did head out after the washing up and the big kids wanted to give us our Christmas presents since they wouldn't be here to share on Christmas day.. I'm not posting all pressie pics, Derek got Guiness and book vouchers, Miss C got a rather large Lava lamp and Master R got X Box game, D and I got some lovely towels for our new house ( if we actually find one) and I got this.. I am so excited to try it out as well since I have wanted one for ages..

It was still a school night here and as it was well past the younger kids bedtime, I rallied them together for a family photo - 

We have made some lovely memories here last night and I am blessed to have that.. It has been a hard year for all of us, Caleb has tried hard to make a new life here in Australia, he arrived in this country emotionally battered 12 months ago and I hope his time here, while hard for him has healed some hurts, however the bond between father and son is calling him and he and Simone are flying out tonight to go back to New Zealand to live.. so as I sit and write this blog, I am having those "little minutes" that only a mother can have where the tears fall and the heart aches..  I know life is all about change and I ask the Goddess for strength and understanding, because there are going to be far to many goodbyes this month, as we too have to say good bye to Derek's elderly parents and sister when we post East in 14 days. Yes, Lots of little minutes.


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