Nov 18, 2010

My Life In Boxes

Well, it's done and dusted... Both D and I are now just starting to unwind, we went and had fish and chips on the Rockingham Foreshore as a treat for dinner, it was beautiful with the sun setting in the West.. tomorrow we start the drive to Melbourne, with the wee detour we are taking down to Albany, it is a a road trip of about 4,400km. This time next week we will almost be there.. we are stopping for a few days in the Barossa Valley. 
When I get a chance to get coverage, with out little magic Internet stick I will post piccies of our journey.. but in the mean time, here is my life in boxes

My poor kitchen - half the boxes gone

Two trucks - 

Two containers, we got to much stuff

These guys were amazing, they are moving this stuff in 38c (100f) heat and they still had a sense of humour.. They rocked!


splashfish said...

All the best for a safe journey to your new home. it sounds like it will be quite an adventure :)

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I was thinking they looked pretty hot!!! ;D Good luck with the move, seeing all those boxes and the containers brought back memories of our big move to NZ ♥

Lisa said...

Enjoy your road trip, sounds like a great way to start the next chapter of your lives.
Take care
Lisa xx

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