Nov 29, 2010

We have a House..

Yaaay, we have a house... it is on the "patch" but that's ok... hopefully tomorrow we will know when we can move in... I'm sort of excited about it in a way.. We took the kids to see the place yesterday, they loved the place, right up until they seen the dishwasher would have to go into storage *laughing* they are going back to the old fashioned hand washing, which I personally love to do, and I have my kitchen sink under a window.. what else can I tell you about the house,.. oh yes.. it;s carpet, pink blinds, pinkish cupboards, I am thinking someone with a sense of humour picked the colour scene, and I am thinking with our stuff in it, it will look a little more un-pink.., and I can not wait to put in some vege plants and a herb garden.  I will post pictures when we are in, in the mean time here are a few piccies from my cross country jaunt.

Now this is Nellie, or Nelster, I have dragged this wee Nellyfant while globe trotting, so it was just the done thing to have her riding shotgun.

Australia is a huge continent, and many people don't believe that there is a sheep station here in Australia the size of Texas, and rumour has it we can fit that big ol' state in to Australia about 10 times. This road is in the middle of no where, from where we stopped there was nothing for a few hundred kilometres either side. This was the road.
and it went in a straight line for

Periodically, while driving along you could be forgiven for thinking there were giant X crossings for Kangaroos painted on the roads..
But they aren't
they are aircraft landing strips in remote areas of Australia, for the Royal Flying Doctors Service  This organisation is amazing, they are not only air ambulance, but run medical clinics in outback Australia and bring health care to people who would not be able to receive medical care otherwise.

And then there is the wildlife, this trip was a bit lacking.. I have in the past seen squillions of roo's and even the most amazing baby Emu's playing on the sside of the road, but this trip was lacking in wild animal spotting.. I was really happy to see no road kill either, which meant there was enough food and water further back and the animals didn't need to come near the Eyre Highway where they often loose their lives.

I have no why people feel the need tp add graffiti and in desolate places who does this, but it made me look twice when I seen these guys with "road runner" wings "beep beep"

Oh now did I mention Nelly? Aww come on a girl can get bored on a 4.100km road trip


Lyn said...

Congrats on your new house. I love those road signs with the little animals. The thought of Australia blows my mind - I can't imagine somewhere so big!

Trik82 said...

I'm happy you have found a house and am looking forward to reading about the transformation into a home :o)

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Welcome to Melbourne. Can't wait to hear more about your happy home there.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Glad you're trip went well, looking forward to seeing photos of your new home :D

Mama Kelly aka Jia said...

Congrats on your new home!!!

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