Sep 29, 2011

Catching Up

I have to admit to feeling like I semi abandoned my blog over the last month. A few of lifes wee challenges has seen the blogging energy dwindle, but in saying that my hands have not been idle.  I thought I would play catch up and post a few photos of what I have been up too..
Well, firstly we went shopping, we had been looking at replacing my car due to it's old age and it had developed Salamander Syndrome, it was bought forward when some wally in a HUGE 4x4 drove into the side of the "da broom" this is what it was replaced with.
It was a very good buy actually, it has already shown its usefulness bringing home to very large 8 foot book cases. It will also be useful for bring home all manner of things in the future.. We took it to the Dandenong Market a few weeks ago, and bought home a serious amount of tomatoes.. about 18 kilos - last year here was shocking for vege due to the floods, so my tomato sauce supply ran out, gosh eating canned sauce after homemade is nothing short of disguising.
This is half of what I had the rest have been, chopped and added to this pot.
I made two batches this size, about 5kg per pot
It made about 7kg all up, and there is always one random half jar.. I will buy another lot later and make enough to last a full year, the rest of the tomatoes became soup.
While I am on the cooking thing.. I finally got around to making some delicious steamed fruit rolls, now it seemed to take forever to accumulate the tins to make them in, but here is the final product..
and umm yes I had to slice a piece to quality control, pretty good.. thanks to Narelle over at Just Like My Nan Made for the recipe..check out her blog, it is an awesome place to pick up some nifty ideas not to mention great recipes.
Now, I know I could have done this in a more frugal, recycle-y way, but I didn't.. it was a serious bargain though so please don't be to harsh, when you see what I bought..
  I have wanted one, well forever..
No show without Punch, in this case DimSim aka Sacred Temple Kitty
Once I managed to convince the cat it was not something for her, I got onto the job of mushing the worm bedding and adding the worms.
I will keep you updated on this little venture, I have used some of the worm water already on some plants and was seriously astounded by the results..

We went of to the Red Hill Market about a month ago, and I was delighted to bump into Rod and Eryn Barnett from Wee Folk Garden Art  it had been sometime since I had purchased any of there work and it seemed fitting that I add something new to my collection..
This is the beautiful Emily Havachat, isn't she just lovely, she has joined the family and she hangs proudly on the wall in my kitchen.
There has been another wee venture going on in my kitchen cupboard, will photogragh and update you on this one... I am hoping to drink some of  it later today, hopefully I won't wake up drunk and naked, in a dumpster with any non vital organs missing.

Oh and here is the link to From My Hearth - my new soapie website and blog

Sep 28, 2011

Mornington Peninsula Handmade:.Meet The Maker

I was privileged to be asked recently, to be part of Mornington Peninsula Handmade's blog.. a blog promoting local business who make and sell handmade goods.. I was chosen to take part with meet the maker. Next time I need to be photographed, I will smile in the photo.. :-)

Mornington Peninsula Handmade: Meet the Maker.........Wendy from "From My Hearth"...: .

Sep 16, 2011

On My Mind - Freedom of Entry

This is a Friday photo feature that anyone with a blog can join. To take part, post a photo on your own blog, write a short caption explaining it. Then scoot over to On My Mind at Down To Earth leave a comment and post your link there. Great way to meet your blog neighbours.

 On My Mind - Freedom of Entry

On My Mind today is the pride I have in my husband for his service to this country and the Royal Australian Navy. It is a centenary year for the RAN and HMAS Cerberus celebrates 90 years of service. Today, 1500 men and woman of the training establishment, HMAS Cerberus march for Freedom of Entry to the city of Melbourne. An age old ceremony that has only happened here in Melbourne, 3 times in 90 years. They will march the Queens colors, a ceremonial honour.
 A small section on Freedom of Entry Sailors ahoy! It’s been 100 years

Sep 1, 2011

Finding the Divine

Things have been hectic here this month. With Fathers Day and Christmas coming, my soap production has been on the increase, my husband has also had 10 days leave from the Navy, so everything is put on the back burner, so we can spend some good quality time together.  Because of this my second article on Pagan Pages has been partly borrowed from a post I made here a few years ago.. however it is still relevant in my life today.. if your like minded or would just like to pop over for a read, here is the link Pagan Pages - Hearth and Home

I have been taking all sorts of photos though, so over the next week, I will play catch up and post some piccies..