Jul 24, 2010

Awards and Reflections

I opened my email today, to find that Tracey over at Home [In] Stead had left me a note saying that she had given an award to Butterflies and Breezes.
I was pleasantly surprised, because often I wonder if what I write here is interesting to others. My blog has changed a little over the last 2 years. It was originally know as Hedge and Hearth, and when I moved to Western Australia I felt it needed a wee face lift, hence the new name.
The other day just for giggles I went back to some of my first posts, they made me smile, laugh and made me just go wow haven't things changed, how did we get through.., going back to the post Blessed Be The Butt where my Dh stumbles..well maybe you can read and giggle for yourself.. or E Bay Orphan where I furnished our house for a pinch..or how I came to have my kids from another mother in the post Babes, Birds, Bunnies and a Hermit Crab. Yes we have changed and grown and I am blessed that so many of you come to share the things in my life that make it all worth while no matter what.
Well I have digressed... part of receiving this award are a few conditions, if you find yourself the recipient of this reward, I do hope you will share in the spirit and pass it along.
- Thank the blogger that gave the award to you..
Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, experience using ten (10) words .
Pass the award on to 10 other blogs you feel have real substance.
So here goes Traci, I feel a quiet touched that you felt my wee blog worthy of and interesting enough to share this reward with me... thank you.
My motivation - Sharing life experiences and skills with love honesty and integrity. I follow a lot of blogs and to narrow it down was hard - So in no order of preference are 10 blogs who are always part of my blogging day..
GrannysGraden a neat place to visit.. Granny and Pa reside over in Queensland here in Australia, living and showing love to their family.
Then there is Sue over at Living The Good Life, Sue and her family live in New Zealand and are truly living the good life...
There is a special lady who takes some amazing photos in a place I miss with all my heart.. Kristi from Giggles Down Under.
Now Christine over at Slow Living Essentials has been an inspiration to me in all things yeasty, I love paying a visit and seeing what she has been up too..
I haven't been following Lisa's blog over at Sewing The Seeds of Change very long, but then her blog is new, but I like sneaking over and checking out her posts and wait for the quilts to be posted : )
Maureen and Shanti are Twig and Toadstool two home schooling mama's they are creative and fun with an awesome blog...
I came across a blog the other day, and spent a morning reading and laughing.. it was great, what an amazingly classy and humorous lady.. Leeanna is her name and you can find her at Can We Have A New Witch Please Ours Melt.
Erin at Dutch Girls Diary is a hard working Mama who sews, cooks, knits, makes soap, dyes yarn and generally shines in the art of home making.
Enchanted Moments is a blog by a talented lady who loves things from by gone days.
Now I found this wee blog a while back, and my husband being Scottish was quiet impressed when I served him a dish from his home land, it was found here at Unbought Delicacies check out her Kitchen in the Vale.
All the blogs I follow touch my life in some way or other when I read them - thank you for sharing yourselves with us here in blogger land. I think you all deserve an Award.


Leeanna said...

OMG Wendy!!! Thank you SO much!! I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks now and it is just so cool. I love it.
This is my first award ever. I am so not worthy of this... but if you think I am, then ok I'll accept it. ahahahahahahaa Thanks again so much!!!

Joanne said...

Wendy, you have a sweet blog, very interesting. I found you through your comment on my daughters blog..Kristi from Giggles Down Under.
Congratulations on your award and sharing...what fun!

Kristi said...

thank you wendy for the wonderful award...so touched. i am in such good company over here. xo.

Lisa said...

Oh Wendy thanks so much, I must admit to being a little surprised as I'm so new to this whole blogging experience.

Christine said...

Thanks, Wendy, this is very thoughtful of you :o)

Jennifer Wright said...

Your blog is fantastic and you deserve many awards. If we had on we'd give it to ya! Thank you also for having our link up, that means a lot to us. You really should be writing with us!!!!

WendyB said...

*smiles* Thanks Jennifer for the kind words.. I have always enjoyed writing, occasionally though my writing Mojo hits a wall :-)

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