Sep 27, 2008

Ebay Orphan

We have had another eBay Saturday today.. So my daughter who has been coming home from the city on the weekends to spend as much time with me as she can before I leave, has become what is affectionately known as the eBay orphan.. although we do try to go early while she is still sleeping.. it's funny she hits the outter limits of the city and her snooze button kicks in..Bless her, I shall miss her so much.
As some of you may or may not know, we are moving to another house, in another state nearly 3.000km away from Melbourne, in what is now just a short few weeks away.... with no furniture except a lounge suite, a TV and a new mattress, 3 book cases and my altar and several boxes of kitchen stuff..oh and the
You see we have been house sitting.. and we have not really needed anything.. I have always been of the opinion people are more important than *things* and have walked away from all material items in my life a couple of times, and have never bothered to get new stuff.. when I migrated to this country from New Zealand, I arrived with a suitcase, $2.800 and no job..not the usual sort of thing you do at 40, it was a little hard but quiet liberating.. however it did not solve the dilemma of ridding a house of an echo, the kind that only comes when it is empty... we did not have resources to go wild and buy new, and really why would I want to? Pay thousands of dollars for furniture made out of wood from forests that were best left to house the indigenous species that dwelt there.. and to make others rich exploiting workers who should be treated far better... Years ago it would not have mattered to me, but how things change when you see things through blessed Pagan eyes..
So we turned to pre loved treasures.. oh I love second hand goodies.. shabby Chic..
So with a few weeks of haggling and swapping on Ebay and Freecyclers I have furnished a whole house for $305, I'm talking 3 beds, fridge, dining table and 6 chairs, 2 beautiful old 'curl up and read in me chairs', Buffet/hutch and a TV cabinet..
I also managed to re home through Freecyclers, all my outdoor container plants as the house owners don't want them, they are not gardners and I can't take them across the border due to Quarantine regulations so it was nice to see them go to someone who was over the moon to have them.. I even managed to find a home for the gold fish.


Sarah L said...

I was eBay Orphan?

Wendy said...

Yes you were the e-bay orphan :-) I wanted to spend every minute I could with you before we moved West..

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