Jul 29, 2010

Made It - Online

Two posts in one day... this girl is on a roll.. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, for sometime I have been wanting to put a few of the things I create, into an online store. At last, I have finally got one up and running thanks to Made It. Made It , is like Etsy but it is based here in Australia. Now just because it is Aussie owned sure doesn't mean I will not be sending things to other countries if requested too..so ask away heehee.
From My Hearth, will stock things I have make such as, hand knitted cotton dish cloths, face washers, bits and bobs for bubs booties, hats, bibs and blankies - I am also thinking about adding Tomato and Chilli relishes. Now it would have been sorted sooner but things take time to organise and I also gave a heap of stuff to my mother in law, as she fell in love with some of the cloths and the chutney *smiles*
So I am working on restocking and I would rather have a few good quality things than a ton of junk., My soaps will also make there way to my wee store in time.

I have always had an interest in photography, image modification and graphic design, and as a published illustrator I still enjoying pulling out the camera and having a play now and then.. a few of my photos are also for sale. Yes, this is a shameless plug *laughing* but hey if I don't do it who will...
My task over the next few days is to take some piccies of my knitted cloths and add them to the store... please feel free to wonder over and take a look..at my store FROM MY HEARTH


Mother's Moon's Message said...

can not wait to go over and visit.... on my way at this moment... thanks for the heads up

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

I saw the link onn FB yesterday, it look great, the name with the heart in is very cool. Good luck with it :D

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