Jul 2, 2010

Our little miracle man

To my wee grand baby- 2 years ago today, I had just boarded a last minute flight to fly thousands of kilometers to be with your Daddy because your Mummy was sick and you little man , well it was touch and go with you.


You were so sick, it was 7 days after you were born before we could even touch you.. you still smile your way through the hospital visits and tests and to spite the battle you are a brave and beautiful boy and look at you now..

Happy Birthday Corben with lots of love Nana xx

FPIES baby (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome)


Mother's Moon's Message said...

He was precious then and he is precious now... A handsome young man.. Nana should be proud... Happy birthday little man

Kristi said...

happy celebrating...and many blessings.

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