Jul 30, 2010

It's on paper now.

This is just a bit of a ramble really.. one I had on a forum I belong to and I have very lazily just reposted it here...
I have not been able to talk to anyone but my husband about it, in fact due to circumstances I have not met anyone where I live to talk to about anything, anyway...When we posted to Fleet-base West 20 months ago, this was going to be our last posting, my husband was going to retire here after 30 years of service to his country, including four deployments to the Middle East..This was postponed for a year or two - as last January we went from a couple to a family over night when the children's Mum died and me back to a full time mum again after having an empty nest for 10 years..
We have fought, struggled and muddled through and we have got to the point were we are making head way with the children's grief and some serious issues that came with them. Both these kids ( now 11 and 14) have developed wee emotional umbilical cords and firmly attached them to their dad and I and do not cope 100% yet without one of us around.. My Dh got a phone call 4 weeks ago that would change all that...Life has a way of throwing curved balls sometimes and being the wife of a serving Defense Force member I should be more prepared to catch them. The call was that the Navy are sending him back to sea - he would more than likely deployed for 6 months, the kids and I would be moved to Sydney to wait his return..I have lived through long periods of separation from my husband - sometimes up to 12 months at a time... while kids are resilient we knew the kids would/could not cope with this at the moment..After a few meetings, they (the navy) said they would look into it, so for the last 4 weeks we have been sitting on tender hooks, at times I have been literally sick with worry, wondering how I would cope in Sydney (which I think is big and fast and very scary) not knowing a single soul, with two children not ready to be without their Dad yet, while my husband was overseas.
Well, today the official signal came out- we are posting out of Western Australia. My husbands sea billet has been postponed for 12 months, so for the next year we will be back on the East Coast in Victoria - I do love Victoria and we will be back on the Mornington Peninsula.. we will be gone from here by December..
It is going to be hard to do the big move again, especially since I thought, the move here 20 months ago would be the last, there will be one possibly two more after this one..
It could have been far harder and I am thankful for how it has worked out. Now just have to find homes for the aviary and the birds, and all my plants ... but as Rhonda said in her blog today bloom where you are planted and my goodness how I could relate to that this morning..


Rue said...

Wow Wendy - that's quite the roller coaster you've been on! I am happy to hear that you will get another year before your hubby has to leave - it should give the kids a chance to get used to the idea. Best wishes!

Tracy and her crew said...

I am a military wife (now retired) as well and still have many friends married to the military. It can be very hard to cope with life's normal ups and downs and then dealing with imposed military ups and downs. Bloom where your are planted is right. We were posted here 8 years ago, on a 14 month course which has turned into 8 long, long years. Sometimes I want to move so bad but other times I am glad to been planted somewhere. These last 4 weeks must have been very stressful for you. :(

Lisa said...

No wonder your head has been in a spin of late. Remember to look after yourself and I'm sure all will fall into place in time.

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

And she says she knows no one in Sydney?? You know me!! and all the girls on D2E living in Sydney. Glad your wait is over and you know where ya off too.

Kristi said...

i am just getting to know you through your blog and this post has me in tears and full of hope. you seem like such an amazing mother, full of so much strength. many hugs to you and your family. i am sending you the warmest of thoughts. hugs.

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