Jul 21, 2010

Teaspoons and Apprehension

I'm not usually given to moments of alarm or apprehension especially within the comfort and safety of my home.. especially for no reason, such a thing happened this morning it, snuck up on me and had me leave the bathroom where I was ready for my shower, and go and lock both front and back doors. I have spent a lot of time living on my own, in different cities and communities in different countries, and it has been a long time since I have got spooked like this. The feeling stayed with me for quiet a while, putting on one of my Dh sweaters helped, like a hubby hug.. I do not know if this feeling is the result of the altercation over the back fence on Saturday while I was making soap or just an accumulation of things happening here.

There are some huge changes afoot in our lives presently, I am not even able to blog about them at the moment either. It is difficult at times to go about our daily routine and business when it feels like we are standing still, waiting for change and when that change is totally at the hands of others.. so we wait, we wonder, we talk, we get stressed , at times we get angry and bicker, we get frustrated, we worry and we unite and do what we do everyday.. hopefully we should hear some sort of outcome in a week or so.
Sooooo to help alleviate the hebbie gebbies I had this morning, I decided to have a crack at making rye bread in the bread maker something I hadn't done before... well what did I learn today? I learnt ..
Do not try to scrap stuff of the bottom of the bread maker bowl while it is going around or you risk the chance of concussion by teaspoon as it flies out of the bowl! Helen over on my facebook page asked "why did I do it?".. easy really, ha ha
"Becauseeeeeee I wanted to see how bad something was sticking on the bottom of the pan, because I had never made rye bread in the bread maker before, and I fluffed the recipe and added way to much h2o and I was trying to fuuuuux it and then the spoon got swished by the dough, and it fell in and there was a huge noise and then the bread maker spat it out, and thats da story really" how embarrassing would it have been in the ER.. concussion by teaspoon.. on the upside the bread turned out pretty good.
After being spooned and beaten

And after cooking.. all yummy and brown


Tracy and her crew said...

That looks like a lovely loaf of bread! Pretty good for the first try. :)

We as well are going through a life altering change, however the winds are change are moving so slow. We can't discuss it either so instead we wait, worry and get stressed.

Hoping you find some peace in your day and that everything you desire comes to pass.

The One and Only Elfwench said...

So it's not funny that you almost got brained by a teaspoon but at the same time, I can't help but giggle about it. Glad you and the bread are both ok.

I hope the hebbie gebbies go away soon. Something like that would unnerve anyone.

ecoMILF said...

Breadmaking is always soothing for the soul. It looks like it came out wonderfully! I haven't tried rye yet. Look forward to it though. xo m.

splashfish said...

yummmm ... it looks so good I can almost smell it!

I put my bread maker away as it was gathering dust, but I may just get it out and give it another try.


Lisa said...

Wow your bread looks sensational!!

I'll have to try it this weekend I think. The last rye loaf I made was a disaster, fingers crossed it works this time.

Hope you're feeling better now
Take care

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