Jul 27, 2010

Practice Run

What a whacky couple of days here, restless springs to mind, as does antsy - I am so unorganised and my get up and go, go up and left - without me! I have written yesterday off, I am sure there was some constructive moments in there like ordering some new ingredients for my next batch of soap and making a few molds but it was a day where I was definetly not comfortable in my own skin! I don't like that feeling,  no no no..
Today, I had hoped would fair a little better, but I still don't think I could organise a food fight in a canteen line. There are things I am trying to get sorted to open my Madeit store (it is like Australian Etsy type store) I get started in to it,  then  my poor wee mind wonders off when I glance down at the packet of antibiotics I am taking for a sinus infection. Thinking on the label instructions "Take one tablet twice daily after the first mouthful of food" well what's with that? Whats going to happen if I wait for the second mouthful of food? Will I internally combust or will the Doctor take away my birthday and turn me into a little green frog? Not that I have anything against little green frogs. Maybe it is a new secret slimming craze, STOP after the first bite of your meal and choke down something the size of a horse tranquiliser - now that will screw your happiness for sure. Are you still hungry now? ha ha thought not.
Then - remembering the basket full of washing that is still sitting in the laundry waiting to be hung out, getting up to do it, I find myself not in the laundry but staring into a bowl of sour dough batter trying to decide what happens next. Still trying to work that one out.
So whats with all this weirdness in my top four inches? Is it because Mama Moon is in the 16th degree of Aquarius, my astrological sign?
Now, I do recall someone told me recently my wheels would fall off when I hit 50. Well, yanno I am going to be 50 years old  in 201 days - maybe this absent mindedness is a practice run?
If anyone knows who do I talk to about not needing a practice run, I would be mighty grateful.

Random Little Things
This is Dim Sim aka Sacred Temple Kitty or just plain "CAT!" Now she is a funny wee furry beastie, very happy with her own company and her own council, but of late she has taken to climbing into my Dh's lap, wrapping her paws around his wrist and then demanding that "he let her, show him love" by licking his hand- Retribution is swift if he try move away from her Royal Kittyness- Bi-zarre!


Lisa said...

Oh Wendy, sounds like your head is in a muddle, hope things pick up for you tomorrow.
Take care

Sarah L said...

That cat ust of been watching Mr P and taken to licking! Just as well it isn't two of them giving the pillow love!

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