Jul 6, 2010

Chicken Soup and Doona's

Why is it that, in the first week of the school holidays in our house Miss C near always comes down with all things coughy, sneezy and sinister and then in her delightful 11 year old wisdom decides to infect the only other female in the house - me!
Hey, I am all for bonding and stuff - but what ever happened to making cookies or going to a movie, really gimme a break here!

Sooo while Miss 11 is bouncing back and making noises of "who's up for Marmaduke at the movies?"
I feel the need to turn to the comfort of hot chicken soup and my doona.(Aussie version of Duvet) all I can say is bless the person who came up with a laptop and chicken soup as a cure for "the dreaded lurgy"


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