May 27, 2010

A Nesting Day

While I love all seasons and enjoy watching the wheel of the year turn, there is something about blustery, winter days that really re-kindle deep within me that desire to head to the kitchen to celebrate the season by baking bread or creating tasty slow cooked food for my family, more so then any other season tends to do.
Winter mornings for me, are made for bowls of steaming porridge or thick buttery toast and tea, the afternoons for sewing or knitting. Nesting, content to contemplate the last few months and think on the changes to come.This is really when I am the happiest and most content, when tending my hearth and home.

Today has been like this for me and for a time I managed to push aside some of the stresses that have been consuming my days of late. After doing a few domestic chores, I pulled out the slow
cooker and made the most scrumptious meal of Tarragon Chicken in Cider, I have posted the recipe here on my recipe blog The Witches Kitchen.. after putting this recipe together, I got motivated and made a batch of bread dough for some pizza scrolls, after finding this recipe recently on Slow Living Essentials it has become a favorite in our house.. the kids just love them.
While my bread was rising and my chicken bubbling gently away, filling the house with some pretty wonderful smells, I hauled out my sewing machine. It had been sooooooo long since I had spent anytime with it, that I could barely recall how to thread it *laughing* how bad is that eh, I had to get out the instruction manual just to be sure...

I am sure my oldest daughter will be tickled pink that I have finally made her bag, bag. You know the ones used to store your plastic shopping bags so you can recycle them. Shes only been waiting since December.. bad Mummy. 28 she maybe but she is pink and cupcake crazy..
These are so easy to make, this one is made from a pretty tea towel, that cost a few dollars from Best and Less, run a seam up the sides, then make a hem top and bottom, thread through some elastic on the bottom and some pretty ribbon or chord to hang it from, through the top hem. Easy.
It has been a relaxed day, and I have needed it, to again take a minute to feel connected to the core of my home..


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