May 7, 2010

Quiet Minutes and Randomness

It's still early here on the West Coast of Australia, I'm sitting rather indulgently in bed with a coffee and the laptop - well I am justifying that because in a few hours I will be having a strange man poking about in my mouth with large unmentionable metal objects and I'm nurturing myself before said assault.. there is also a wonderful chill in the air ... hmmm maybe that elusive autumness I have been craving is not to so far away..
I managed to get my wee knitted dish cloth finished last night.. while it is my second one, I am classing it as my first attempt - the first is usable but the pattern all went skew whiff. So here is my first * official* eco friendly dishcloth...
Now how bizarre is that, the photo won't stay up the right way..I had another one do this sometime ago and no matter what I did - sideways it stayed.
And a moment of discovery when coming to bed last night.. had to have a wee chuckle when I seen it.

A pair of my socks that where still damp in the laundry basket last night, and I asked my DH to pop them somewhere to air.. this is where I found them, over the top of the finials on my dressing table - random . *smiles*


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