Jun 1, 2010

$20.00 made a difference

Well, number 1 son has at last an apartment to rent. It seems all the pulling out of hair and running around that has been done over the last few weeks, including venturing into some very scary looking residential complexes has finally paid off, with a clean and very livable place being found.
I suggested to C he may need to look at adding an extra $15 to 20 to the amount he wanted spend on rent.. while it was going to be a wee bit tight on the budget, he agreed. When I started looking in the $220 bracket I was totally amazed at the result. It seems in the rental sector, an extra $20 can get you a place with some carpet, a place to put a washing machine, cupboards that actually come with hinges, a wardrobe, the omission of growths that could be used in fungal warfare and electrical fittings that are not designed to turn you into a crispy critter if you are brave enough to use them. Whats more the little gem I found is right across from the beach. It is a nice tidy 2 bedroom unit in a complex with a swimming pool, I hope he will be happy there.. remember he hasn't seen it yet.. he is taking my word for it. I'm glad he trusts his mum.. so he will be moving in on the 11th of this month.
I have helped him hunt around for a fridge/freezer for $70.00, a 12 month old washing machine for $85.00, a large convection microwave for $40.00 and a slow cooker for $15.00 - we have given him a good queen size bed we got off eBay for $10.00 as well as a box full of crockery, cutlery, towels and linen we never use. We replaced our lounge suite at Christmas time so he can have the old one.. He shipped a few bits and pieces over from NZ when he came, so he will have enough to be comfortable. I have knitted him some dish clothes and he doesn't know yet, but over the last few weeks, when I have been to the grocery store, I have popped a few specials into the basket for him, cheap soap powder, dish liquid, soap, toilet paper, discount items like spaghetti sauce etc.. he will be living close to borderline, but I think having his own wee place will be good for him again. I will give him his box of shopping when he moves in, as well as some frozen soups, sour dough bread and a couple of tins of baked treats.
He does like to cook, and when he puts his mind to it is quiet good at it, so my next job will be to teach him how to still live well - while living frugally.. you and I both know it can be done, we do it all the time.... and I don't mind to make extra bread or pick up a few extra veges at the * Spud Shed* which is a huge market garden warehouse type of arrangement. Some real bargains to be had there... for example I can get 8 kilo (17 pounds) of potato's for between 3 and 4.00 dollars. Tomatoes for as little as 90 cents a kilo (2.2 pounds) in the height of the season... this place is such an assets to me, since I am unable to grow very much, because of the soil and the house is rented from the Defense Force and I can't take to the yard with a back hoe like I would like to.. *laughing*
As much as he has driven me to frustration over the last month, I will miss him being around with his quick wit and mischief.. however I am sure he will visit often, peeking into the tins to see what treats might be there for him..

Random Little Things:
Tonight's dinner, a beautiful Steak and Mushroom pie with the easiest and most scrumptious pastry ever.. You will find it on my recipe blog right here.


Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Glad you found a place for them. Oh Mom just can't help it, we send them off with everything possible, even groceries to start off with. I did the same so there!Your a good Mom.PS he will be back.

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