May 9, 2010

An hour with Badger

Yesterday I had my tooth out and it was a WHOLE lot worse than I had anticipated, it took an hour and I was that shaky I had to ring my husband and ask him to get a duty ashore and come and get me.Two weeks ago we had made plans to go to a Craft/Crystal fair held today, and I was determined to go... So off we went, me looking like I had done a few rounds with a boxer, sipping on my water bottle dosed with Bach flower remedy 'Star of Bethlehem' and while it is often given to animals it is perfect for treating people who have suffered physical or emotional trauma, I used to give it to our children when they first came to live with us.
However I digress... when we got there I had a wee look at the crystals, and picked up a Bloodstone, Carnelian and a Tigers Eye but I what I was really drawn to was the Hoop drums, and Badger a well known Australian Hoop Drum maker was there with his.

For the longest time I have been drawn to the rhythm of the drum. They are alive with their own essence and spirit, the drum is feminine and the beater or stick is masculine together they are a balance within nature.. like the heart beat of nature.
I was drawn to the energy of a beautiful deer skin drum..the tone sending shivers through both body and spirit and with Badgers help I choose a wonderful beater...

The sinew that holds the drum together on this one reminds me of the Tree of Life.. I thanked Badger and I gave thanks to the deer for for his gift to me..
Badger, is the sort of gentle spirited man, who even if you ever met him once, you would not forget him. He has invited me to participate in a Drum Circle with a small group of people, I am excited to be included in this..
I spent an hour chatting with Badger and while I know it is not the case, if I was never to meet with The Badger again, I know my life has been richly blessed for having spent spent an hour with him.


Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Hi Wendy, We have a Drum Circle every saturday in the little village hall, but I have never been. Interesting, might go along one day. Hae a great weekend.

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