May 6, 2010

From this to this...

Yesterday was on of those days that left me wondering if I p****ed off the Gods, because everything I touched turned to great piles of goose poo... firstly I managed to slice the top of my finger with a tuna can lid, having trouble stemming the blood flow, my nursing back ground telling me "great I need stitch or two" and not wanting to give into sitting in a crowded waiting room for, forever, I headed to the first aid kit - all I can say is bless the person who invented steri strips.. wound closed, dressing in place and after my tuna sandwich was consumed I went to brush my teeth.. to much information? *smiles* well 3.5 seconds into my tooth brushing I felt a tough little lump, thinking to myself "great my toothbrush broke" even if it was the first toothbrush in 49 years to do so , I spat out what I was hoping to be a bristle clad little wad, but noooooooooooooo it was quarter of a tooth and chunk of filling.. running my tongue over my teeth I found sad little remnant of back molar all bent and broken... freaking joy NOT! Now this is where thoughts of "I wish I hadn't procrastinated over getting that tooth fixed" came to the fore. That's what the dentist rubbed in when I was on the phone, before I was told come on Friday morning and we will take it out. *insert sad wee face* I gave up on the rest of the day....
Today I decided to make good use of the day as I would more than likely be out of action for the weekend - so on went disposable gloves ( for the sake of hygiene) and I cut up lots of tomatoes, and made Rhondas from Down to Earth and made Tomato Relish

From this bowl of little red tomatoes toooo
( jar of sour dough on the side there)

thisssssssss bubbling pot of gooey loveliness

Six jars of wonderful relish -

Then onto some wonderful cheesy and pizzarie scrolls the recipe is courtesy of Christine at Slow Living Essentials the pizza ones where made with spicy tomatoes chutney, fine chopped onion, salami and cheese, everyone has these for lunches tomorrow and the cheesy ones are in the freezer to be had with steaming bowls of home made soup.

Yummy easy to make scrolls

these barely made it to the lunch boxes..

Will try to have a go at getting the dish cloth I have been making done, finger is holding and sticking up ok... then an early night for me..


Christine said...

Oh, yum! Your scrolls look delicious, Wendý! Your fillings sound good, too :o)

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