May 3, 2010

So when is autumn?

Living here on the West Coast of Australia for the past 20 months one can get used to the hot weather and climate, I do find it difficult that there is no defined seasons though. The last month of autumn and tonight the weather lady said it was going to be 29c on Friday thats the mid 80's for those using imperial... now this is the one little thing I struggle with here in the west... celebrating Mabon and Samhain with almost summer temperatures.. Before I moved to W. A this time of year I had the fire blazing in the evening, content to nest and do all those wonderfully wintery things... Something deep inside of me stirs when the weather cools, it brings a sense of contentment and quiet.. This is my favourite time of year however I am finding myself a bit frustrated presently, with the days still warm and sunny when that little bit deep inside of me is craving the cold autumn/winter chill.


Trik82 said...

I can relate to how youe feel, after living in Newcastle NSW for most of my life, I found the seasons confusing and frustrating when I moved and lived in QLD for 8 years. It was almost like winter didn't exist, and I would yearn for it!! Now living back in NSW I am experiencing winter again, and while everyone else is complaining about the cold season, I am embracing and rejoicing :o)I hope you get to experience the season you are seeking soon, Thank you for sharing.
Blessed Be

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