May 24, 2010

Headless Chook

Way back in Dec, I posted that my grown up son was flying back to Australia and moving home for awhile... well near six months later we are still *awhiling* It has been an interesting time having a 27 year old in the house again as well as my other two children from another mother.
Well grown up son's g' friend is arriving next Friday and they have decided they need a place of their own - wait for it, by next Friday... yes they could stay here but the lease depicts how many people can live here even temporarily and adding one more to the equation is not an option considering the circumstances..
I'm a tiny bit torn between continuing to be the supportive mother I have been or going troppo freakin' insane mad at them for not having sorted something a little better.. my son's boss is not being very helpful either as he is not letting him leave work even for an hour to look at houses, since they are so short staffed - his prerogative too.. this is frustrating my boy and making me nuts... as it leaves me running about like a stressed, headless chook looking at places on their behalf, and I tell you on their limited budget I have seen some seriously shocking places.
I am not one to walk around with my head in the sand, but I am seriously surprised that in this country and in this day and age, land lords/estate agents can get away with leasing some of the places I have seen.. moldy damp walls and floors, no cupboards, no heating, no facilities to wash your clothes, true some of these places date back to the 70's but that really isn't old..
So another 3 places to look at tomorrow.... fingers crossed I'm not in a straight jacket by the end of the day.


Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

I feel for you my friend. Do hope you find something suitable soon ... atleast he is working and that is a help. What gets me is your privicy goes for a loop!!!My daughter is 29 and still hasen't left yet but that suits me too as we got an animals babysitter when needed. But I sometimes wish she would just move out.

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