Mar 3, 2009

Look what I did

Wow, I have had a long weekend without the kids, and I am more exhausted now than before.. I am not sure if that's because I started Tarot classes this morning, they are 3 hour classes over 8 weeks, or because today for the first time in way to long, I went out in to the gym we have in the garage and cranked my cardio vascular system to above dormant - followed by lifting some weights!
I can hardly believe my lack of cardio fitness considering a couple of years ago, I was working as the Manager of woman's gym, I ran 5km a day then cycled another 20 before lifting weights and yes, all in one day, 6 days a
Tonight however, I freaking near spat out my lungs after 30 minutes on the treadmill and with 15 on the Eliptical, followed by an at some free weights.... tomorrow I am sure I will be whimpering.. It has got to be good for me, all joking aside I know in my heart by increasing my physical activity and building some muscle mass it will again help in strengthen my bones and ligaments that are feeling the effects of the Rheumatoid arthritis which has reared its ugly wee head over the last several weeks, it has been laying idle for such a long time too. Got to love stress for jabbing the immune system with the big sharp " haha take that stick"

However, I do digress..... on Saturday we went to this little town on the Western Australia coast called Bunbury about 2 hours from where we live. On arriving we headed straight to a little tattoo shop, called Southwest Tattoos where I met a neat guy called Dennis, who I think was French, but that doesn't matter really.. what does was the fact he could fit me in, for a tattoo I have waited the longest time to get..
I have numerous tattoo's as some of you may or may not know.. some I regret most I do not, however I have wanted a tattoo that shows my commitment to the Goddess and the circular life I am trying to lead, an outward sign of an inward conviction so to speak.. soooooo Dennis was able to place this small but significant symbol on my wrist. I love it... so simple but to me it speaks volumes.. it will fade just a little over the next week or two, to subtle colours.. I have been thinking in fact to have a tiny goddess type figure placed underneath with her arms up supporting the moon, we will see but for know.. I am happy with this.


mrsb said...

Oh, great tattoo! I have several myself (the last of which was a 1/2 sleeve, lol). They do become addicting, don't they? I already have my next one planned!

Artless Crocodile said...

That's a wonderful tattoo. I've been too chicken to go get one for myself; been dying for some Egyptian designs I've put together.

Did it hurt much at all? I've heard some people say that it feels like a small knife.

Pearl said...

That's one cool tattoo. Part of me would like a discreet tattoo but the idea of needles sends me screaming in the opposite direction.

Wendý said...

@Artless Crocodile - Did it hurt much at all?
ummm actually of all the tattoo's I have it was the least painful. They do usually hurt, the only way I can describe it is, perhaps like running a lit cigarette down your arm. It is more a burn than a feeling of needle pricks. For a day or two afterwards it feels a little like sunburn.. we are Goddess woman and really if we can have babies we sure can take getting a tattoo - I digress though.. this tattoo and I have a few *smiles* at mrsb (I'm 1/2 sleeved as well) was the least painful tattoo I have ever received.

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