Mar 7, 2009

Safe Journey Crystal

My older half sister passed tonight - at 10.05pm, 7th March New Zealand time..She was 62.
It has been 23 years since I last saw her or spoke with her. We were sitting together on my lounge room floor discussing my fathers funeral. Her passing, it is not a good thing nor a bad thing for me, it is just a sad thing, that is... Later perhaps I will feel different.. ...I have lit incense and candles, they are burning on my altar for her, along side photos I have placed there..
I have asked Hecate to guide her safely through the veil and to the next phase, that is hers..... Safe journey Crystal and Blessed Be.
I am the chilly breath in the long night
That sweeps through the air
I am spirit - I am life
I am death
I am one with earth
I am one with the universe
I am one with the Goddess
I am Magick
I walk between the worlds
Nothing is impossible for me
I am a priestess,
I am a witch,
I am
Author Unknown


Mama Kelly said...

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May her journey be a blessed one

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