Feb 27, 2009

Shifting Seasons

I am still adjusting to life in the suburbs again, after living the last three years in semi rural Victoria.. where the only light that came in to our bedroom through the window was either the wonderful illuminating light of the full Moon or the golden rays of Dawn creeping in. Here though in addition is street lighting and on occasion the neighbours security lights or porch lights.. as well as the distant traffic noise from the main highway. I am learning to mentally lock them out... I often lay and watch the sunrise through a gap in the blind.. how it spreads golden across the sky and then sneaks in and across our bedroom wall...
However, this morning I was snuggled up to my man and I said to him, it's getting darker in the mornings isn't it.. and he agreed it was, and also last night was the first night we slept with more over us than a sheet... it is a few days left of the month and thus summer is coming to an end and autumn will be here. Bringing with it the days shorter and nights growing longer.
I do not mind, I love this time of year. The crisp chilly mornings, grey clouds, chilly winds and the rain on the windows. The harvest is in, Crone wondering the land.. the time of her fullness. A chance to turn inwards and reflect. *sighs*
I have no idea what winter will be here, I am very used to my seasons being clearly defined. On the West Coast it is a little different though. The winter months in this area are from June to August and are mild, with an average temperature of 18 degrees C during the day, and between 5-9 degrees C at night. I have been told that I will acclimatise and that it will seem like winter to me. We will see, I have to admit though, it rained here on Wedensday for the first time in months and the temp dropped to 20c and I had to put long sleeves on, so maybe the locals are right *smiles* and this winter loving witch will indeed learn to acclimatise..
We are having some time without the children this weekend, they are going to visit there step Nona who they have not seen in far to long. They are looking forward to it as much as we are looking forward to some adult time, so I am off to do a few domestic bits, so hopefully there will be no real to attend to chores over the next few days, but before I go, I want to share a wonderful poem that I found...

The Seasons' Dying
by Samantha Henderson
Summer dies warm in the brown arms of Fall
who lays her down easyby his cool streams,
takes the name Indian Summer and runs.
Calloused barefoot, beloved of apples and witches,
his eyes are tawny and green trees turn glorious musk at his touch.
He does not flinch when Winter slays him.
Winter, warrior,banners streaming white and blue,
dons the medieval robes of the last small Ice Age
and metes out justice.
'Til Springgrows from the foot of his throne,
twines about his limbs,and tickles him to death.
Born of melted ice and mud, weakest-seeming of the seasons,
she makes the aching buds burst.
She kisses her favorite frogs awake
who cannot save her from Queen Summer who, imperious,
passes her hand before her face,
closes her eyes with bright copper pennies,
and covers her with cloth of gold.
Summer strides, eating peaches, until weary, she faces handsome Autumn,
walks into his embrace, and lays her head down.


hippymummy said...

Thankyou for your concern wendy, you're right, the drugs didn't work as well as i'd hoped, i'll be bacck at thedocs on tuesday. My email is


I'd be honoured to accept any help you could offer me, thankyou xXx

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