Mar 11, 2009

Potting and Cleaning

I am seriously exhausted tonight, it is 8.30 and I am ready for my bed.. I think a few late nights have caught up and slapped me, not to mention a hard core morning in the garden, getting the rest of my lettuce, Swiss Chard, and flower plants in and a few house plants potted before the full moon.
The moon was full here today at 11.37am, so I wanted to get it all finished - then I found a * rabbit food and straw every blimmin' everwhere* catastrophe in the garage, which I got into a tizzy over and ended up cleaning out the whole garage.. I have never worked out how that happens!
The Garden looks great, the moon looks absolutely amazing this evening and I am happy to wait a day or two and get in some root veges..
A little something arrived in the email the other day that just tickled me to bits, not to mention surprised the daylights out of me,.. My son's mother in law sent me a photo of his new past time ... I was so blessed to see him like this, so thought I would share it with you... He did mention it, but not in the depth she explained, he has a little hot house, grows everything from seed, has pumpkins taking over the paths.. boy after me own

Have you popped over to The Witches Kitchen? It is my other blog.. have a peek and maybe tomorrow I will be concious enough to write a half decent blog.


Julia Guthrie said...

I love everyones talk of spring & gardening :) I will have to post some pics on my blog of my seedlings which I'me very excited to see coming up (indoors). Can't wait to have the weather to get out in the garden get planting :)

mrsb said...

Man, we are still in fear of frost here, so no gardening yet. I'm itching to get to it!!

Wendý said...

Well, it's autumn here beleive it or not, and it is forecast over the next few days, to be close to 100 .f
I struggle to keep my plants out of the sun enough to not shrivel and wither in a few hours..
I so miss the cooler weather, and I am looking forward to a frost... It is my first winter on the West Coast, I guess they have them

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