Mar 9, 2009

Barbies birthday and surprises for me

I really do not like Barbie.. never have and doubt I ever will.. and I never even wanted one when I was a little girl .. it came up tonight at dinner, her birthday is today and Courtney screwed her face up and said "who cares about a dolls birthday" well after a brief little discussion on how long this doll had been filling our heads with commercial idealism, along with Bratz and then me being questioned on what I played with in the olden days *rolls eyes* Robert popped out with, Did I know the song Barbie Girl by Aqua.. I thought "oh no, I am being punished for something" as he started to sing " I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world" ...not exactly a tune to stimulate the appetite, however I had to admit that yes, I did know it. He went on to mention it stuck in his head today after the bus driver played it on the TV.. ok stop.. rewind. The bus driver played it on the TV?
Okay, I think I must have missed something, in the years that have passed since I last raised a teenage boy... I asked in all sincerity "You have a TV on your bus?" Did you know they have television on school buses?
Not only do they have TV, they have Foxtel... I mean have you heard of such a thing, I was shocked and
A number of things when through my mind, who polices whats get watched? Are they just electronic teenage pacifiers?
Tonight I am feeling archaic - kids today have TV on the school bus, what ever happened to tree forts, and sling shots and *Brushy* my wee horse, you know the one - the wonderful little upside down broom who carreed me up hill and down dale.. and through many battles... *sigh* oh how things have changed.


mrsb said...

After some of the things that have happened on the local school buses, I wish they had tv to keep the little buggers distracted from the bs that they do. The bus drivers have no authority to do anything to keep these kids in line, and apparently just being well behaved is not a reward in itself - especially for the middle school set.

I'm a firm believer in throwing the kids outside and letting them play, ride bikes, go fishing -- anything to get them out of the house and out from in front of the tv/video games. At the same time, I can understand the appeal of getting them zonked out in front of a tv set on the bus.

Eileen said...

...yes things have changed but I love my memories of fairy forts, playing with my animals instead of dolls, my mad scientist laboratory, mapping a creek -for 'fun', building fires, searching for rune staffs in the forest, creating fantasy stories and acting them out with my friends-ALL SUMMER (I was always the witch -a good one of course!)...but TV's on school buses -that seems a bit much and rather alarming!!!!

MiniKat said...

Hello, I found your blog via Lady Jane. You have a lovely blog. My condolences for your sister. May her spirit enjoy peace and freedom.

Walk in Harmony

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