Mar 18, 2009

A wonderful gift

One of the first *witchy* things I ever bought was a tiny wee cast ironAdd Video cauldron, it is kind of cute.. I have never been able to cook in it, however I have burned candles and incense in it for various things.. it well, was never really a working cauldron because it is to small, so it is now sitting beside the brass keys, black candles and the statue of Hecate, it looks perfect there..
But that still left me wanting a bigger more witchy cauldron.. whenever I went to op shops and the likes I always had my eye open for something suitable..but to no avail. Everytime I visisted a shop to buy candles or herbs or resins, I looked longly at the wonderful cauldrons and the hefty price tag and *sighed* I knew one would come to me when the time was right...
Then one day, I went to buy a frying pan at a kitchen store, and there on a shelf was an identical pot to the ones sold in most witch supply stores.. I near went into spasms, joy oh joy when I looked at the price tag, it was half price... yet, I had come to buy a new pan for cooking, and again I had to wait..
Well Bless my man for the treasure he is, he took me back to that store, and there it was still 3 months later, sitting waiting, for me perhaps? D asked would I like it? *smiles* He didn't need to ask me twice..
So here is a photo of the perfect gift.. my new, huge cauldron.. I sooooooooo love it, and the man who gave it to me.
P/s ... I have also been busy adding a few bits and bobs to The Witches Kitchen for those who might like to have a look.


Mama Kelly said...

What a gorgeous cauldron! What a wonderful gift. I cant wait to see what you cook up in it.

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