Feb 2, 2009

A School Mum

It was many, many moons ago that I first took my kids to school... they started at 12 and 13. Since they were home schooled they missed the Primary school days. I was as nervous at the thought of putting them into the public school system as I was dropping them off that first day, they were ready for it and pleased to be going, it was just their mother fretting over them being OK, *laughing* it soon passed though, and it became a quick *SEE YA* as they bolted out the door.. So this morning when I went through all that again I was sort of surprised, I thought that whole *new school - first day thing* only happened once, then you were a seasoned school mum.. ha ha oh was I wrong.. I so forgot what it was like -

While Courtney was really upset and in need of lots of reassurance and hugs last night, she was so cool about it all this morning, when I came to the kitchen to get coffee and lunches made before getting them up for their first day back at school since their Mum died and at a new school as well, there she was all dressed in her uniform, sitting eating the cereal she had fixed for herself bossing her older brother to hurry up, she
was as happy as a duck in water. It was like 7.15 and she doesn't start class till 9am..

It was actually me who was a wreck. Did she have everything? Could she remember our phone number and our address. Would she cope knowing no one. Did she remember where I was picking her up from, gosh it was endless.. she was totally oblivious to my concerns... I could hardly get her to stand still for the photos. Her brother was far less enthusiastic, defineite guy thing, I think.
Her first day was a success, she had an awesome time and was so happy when I finally got to pick her up this afternoon... I tell you what though, Oh my Goddess, some of those school parents in cars picking up their kids, how do people cope with them? Talk about Mummy road rage..my normal layed back tranquill self developed stress levels that went from 0 to 90 in about .99 of a second..
I think once the weather cools down, I am going to walk her to and from school till she can ride her bike.. far less stress and much better for the soul..


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