Feb 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah

It was my first born babe's birthday today.. My precious daughter turned 27 although she tells me shes not counting the numbers now..lol .... I remember the lead up to and the day she was born like it was yesterday. Sarah was born 12.30pm on Friday. The Thursday I spent nesting, sitting quietly, content in a chair watching puffy white clouds float past the window on a clear blue summer sky. I ate fish with lemon and tartare sauce along with fresh slaw for dinner and shortly after I took a long bath. I felt very restless, my back felt sore and I was tired but I did not know I was or had been in labour, for I had felt no contractions...
I went to bed and slept fitfully until 4.30 am when I woke feeling like my backbone was being removed through my bellybutton.. The contractions were coming three minutes apart.. nope not 10 minutes apart like the text book had said they would, each contraction was struggled through, getting over one when the next one came.... so off to the hospital I went, silently praying my waters wouldn't break in the taxi... the minute I lay on the hospital bed they stopped..*smiling* how typical
Not for to long though, 8 hours later my beautiful, button nosed, dark haired baby girl was born. Her name was going to be Jessica, but the minute I saw her, I knew her name was to be Sarah.. Sarah Emily!
She is as beautiful now as she was then... and I thank the Goddess for blessing me with a child who grew into such a loving, thoughtful and graceful woman, who is surprisingly strong yet blessedly gentle. Who has over come many obstacles in her life and has given me some of the sweetest memories my heart has ever known....
Happy Birthday Sweetheart.. remember I above all others, love you.


Eileen said...

What a beautiful pair you are....Happy belated birthday Sarah! It seems so strange...our seasons being opposite...I used to love it every December 25 day when my Uncle Sydney would call my dad from Melbourne area, and tell us the family just got back from the beach (while we might have just come in from skating or sledding). Enjoy your cooler days!

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