Feb 19, 2009

Bram and Friends

I am feeling a tad shattered tonight. Today has been a day, one where my get up and go, got up and went, but without me! And I am not entirely sure why I got left behind.. however I have decided it was a good time to post some of the photos I have been asked for, those of My Green man and Woman, and a few fae folk.. I hope you enjoy..

Oh isn't she beautiful, I so love her and was excited to actually find one, I love my Greenman but she is a little special.
My handsome Greenman, who watches over my garden from his home on the wall.. we have a shortage of trees or he would be hung from one.

My wee Tommy Knocker, isn't he wonderful. Now rumour has it, these wee folk inhabited the Welsh mines, and when the child miners got frightened by the strange noises and the dark, they were told, it was nothing to fret over it was just The Tommy Knockers playing games and throwing stones. They will always keep you safe in the dark.

This is Bram a tree protecting Elf.. I haven't yet got a photo of his friend Nudd.

Here at last is Nudd... He is a sweetie.. although I wish there were established trees here for them!
Hmmmm.. Naughty gnomes, astounded frogs, lazy wee turtles... this was going to be the fairy garden, however as my yard has the four corners marked with a symbol of each element. The bird bath is now in the West quarter. This garden area as of last week, now has a dragon residing here, being that it is the direction of North (fire down here in Ozzieland)
It has sort of turned into a garden of mischief really.. perhaps if it wasn't for the dragon keeping them all in check it would indeed be a mischievous place.. I love this little area and it is a place my eye is always drawn too. It is also the only place my little Vinca flowers will grow...


hippymummy said...

Oh Wendy, I LOve her too! Aren't they a pair, plesing to the eye. i love your Bram and his friend too, look forward to seeing the other one when you get a minute! I'm so glad your kids're settling into school, it really is a big worry, the right school can make all the difference to a childs life. They are young and strong and doing SO well when we consider what little time has passed. you will be greatly blessed, even more than now, for your kindness, love, support and understanding that you have showered on these two precious souls. Blessed Be xXx

Eileen said...

The green man and the green woman -love them -must look for some for my garden ...I saw a garden sign on the weekend at a little shop -carved simply into a slab of slate that read..."Don't piss off the faeries!" ....with tiny faeries carved into the surfaces all fluttering about...JJ said he'd try to carve one for me...take care!

Leanne said...

i love your green couple!! I have a fair few green men too, but its unusual to see a woman. they are wonderfiul.

Leanne x

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