Feb 18, 2009

I have been night stand tagged!

I was tagged by A Witches Way yesterday, in something called The Nightstand Tag
Now I have never done one of these tag things before.. so have noooooooooo idea what I am doing..lol..
What I/you do is take a photo of your nightstand *cringe* (ya'all going to see my icky lampshade), because you can't rearrange, move or make pretty for the photo, it's just as it is right this minute.. then give a little explanation on whats all there.. lastly tag at least 10 other bloggers so they can do the same thing.. not sure I know 10 bloggers but here ya go.

1- A photo of my man :-)
2- My eBay lamp one of a matching pair, cost $10.00 but I seriously don't like the shade, 'cause it's to big
3-Nellie, she is more than a little stuffed Elephant and she has been all over New Zealand and Australia, and I soooooooooooo love her!
4- The phone
5-The clock
6- Books Im reading.. To Stir A Magick Cauldron by Silver RavenWolf it was a birthday present and the other one is a little devotional book called Hope.

Okay and now I have tagged: I need to find somemore..lol
Happy Hippy Madhouse


Currawong said...

LOL about the lampshade. The lamp looks as though it would do well with a stained glass shade. :D

Heathen Hermit said...

I'm honored and I'll do it as soon as I have a nightstand in place again. I'm in the process of moving.

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