Jan 7, 2012

Baby Magpies

I took this photo the day of our last heatwave.. I had, had a plastic bowl on the ground but I felt it left the birds to vulnerable, so we picked up this bird bath for next to nothing.. it has been so well used in the short  time we had it.. do you remember this post H Triple M  well look who has come back with her 2nd or 3rd mob..
Mama on the ground guarding  her two babies..

Watching for harm, as the little ones drink - she didn't herself.

It is a huge delight to me, to see the wildlife in my yard.. I have got quiet attached to this family and the Crow who gets an equal amount of delight from peering in my windows.
For those interested, I have posted over at Tales From A Crones Hearth.. Magickal Plants


Dragonfly said...

Thanks for sharing these photos, I just love Magpies and all the corvids.

J x

Sara said...

wonderful photos, I love wildlife. I love magpies and havent seen a baby one before. Hugs Sara

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