Jan 8, 2012

$12 well spent

Yesterday, my D and I headed up to Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, now usually this wouldn't have made me go 'duh us'.. but with D still on leave we are not looking at clocks or calenders, so when we left we forgot it was Saturday. Saturday on the Peninsular, at places like the farm this time of year screams a squillion tourists.. we walked up the hill through the car park and ran straight into a wall of people, seriously wall to wall people - everywhere... I almost said to D "lets make a run for it back to the car" but I put my big girl pants on, grabbed my sailors hand and pushed him into the throngs.. he wove his way up the steps, to a few box's of jam strawberries, I pointed to the one, he grabbed it with his spare hand, and we headed inside.. that 'look' on his face made me think, his Navy brain was yelling "Brace Brace Brace"  readying himself for the onslaught of a couple of bus loads of Asian tourists and as many red stained, sticky faced, screaming children! I tossed the money to the teller and we made a break for it.. It will be a cold day in Hades before we venture to buy strawberries on a Saturday in tourist season.
I turned our treasure into Jam.. rich, sweet and tasty.
Smells so good
There is about 3.7 kilos of jam there.. 
I pulped a few of the left over berries to freeze, for yogurt and Kefir 
And... this boring old plastic box.. is going to make an awesome soap mold, should hold about 7kg..

So all in all that was $12.00 well spent.   $15 if you count the sugar..

SARA.. left a comment on my post Baby Magpies.. Sara if your reading.. have a look at this post.. I think you might like it. http://butterfliesandbreezes.blogspot.com/2011/06/wee-visitor.html


Cat said...

I love making jam!
I skipped it this year as I had a backlog, but am looking forward to next years harvest.
Came by via PBP.

Holly G said...

This post made remember the smells of July when I was growing up. Our street dead-ended one house down and then there were literally miles of strawberry fields. In July, after the picking finished, the summer heat made the whole place smell like a delicious pot of strawberry jam. Yours looks delicious.

Homelight said...

Can't wait until July when you can pluck the blueberries off the bushes. And, they make this plunk sound into my white plastic bucket. Then usually the hottest day of July.... I'm making jam to be shared with my son's teachers and tutor and my dear friends during the winter holidays.

But during the winter months - this jam helps you remember the summer warmth.

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