Jan 2, 2012

Simplicity in 2012

I hope you all had a safe and happy entry into this new year 2012.. at nearly 51, I remember when that date was something you would see in a 80's Sci Fi movie. But wait, this 'would see' is now 'do see' I swear there are days when I feel like I am living in a sci fi movie.  When you see adverts for 3d television, 3d camcorders, ipads, ipods, ebooks, androids, robotic vacuum cleaners, ethanol fireplaces and coffee makers that cost more than a small car one could be forgiven for feeling that way.
I had always tried to keep up with modern technology in the past, hey I have a four slice pop up toaster, a waffle maker, yes I even have a girl in my mobile phone that talks to me - Siri but I woke up one morning and everything had changed. I had turned into a technophobe.
Trying to turn on the dvd player these days, leaves me feeling like I am trying to launch the space shuttle.  I bought a new alarm clock recently with an iPhone dock on it.. duh me, it only took two nights of being woken up at midnight to realise I had not done what I thought I had done to switch the alarm off.
I watch the teens of the house breeze through, gimmicky gadgets with the ease of toddlers putting blocks in holes which indecently I still struggle to do and I just blink at them dumbly as they do.

Recently, my eldest daughter (29) said to me "Mum,  I want one of those old fashioned telephone handsets, the ones that had round dials on the front" so I went looking online for what she meant, thinking she wanted a 1940's vintage phone.. bless her.. this is what a 29 year old thinks is an old fashioned phone.

Ummmm you can still buy these AS phones and people still use them. So I have decided, even as a modern, iphone using, sneaker wearing woman living in the 21st century, I am happy to stop my knowledge of technology right where it is. I am happy to get back to basics.
Yes, I will use what I have but I still prefer to use a broom to a vacuum cleaner.  I could do without a microwave, hair dryer and my new clock. I prefer to use my own hand made soap and cleaners. I am happy to be slowing my life down in a society that needs to have more things to save them time, so they can work longer hours to buy them. Simplicity is slipping through the nations fingers and I for one, find that a shame.
What are you going to do this year to simplify your life and get back to basics?


Suzanne, Enchanted Moments said...

we kissed this year at midnight, without listening to the mobile going off with text messages....
I have a mobile phone but dont know how to use it, I too do not how to record a programme on the tv , if it is on, I have to watch it then and there...or get someone else to do it for me...I can not turn on or use much of the tv , DVD anything like that....at one stage I couldnt even work out how to empty the vacumn cleaner..????? Im a sad and sorry person in this age of gadgets and technology...I can use the computer to email and blog and that suits me fine...........x

Holly G said...

We have one of those lovely old dial phones made from bakelite (pre-plastic). I found it at a thrift store and tinkered with the wiring. The great part is that it's the only one that works when the power goes out.

Anonymous said...

I so totally agree with your sentiments here. I've realised over the last few months, that a lot of the gadgety stuff really doesn't add much to the quality of life - although I'll admit to loving my smart phone - but the microwave won't be replaced. Happy New Year!

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