Jan 3, 2012

My Container Garden

We had a bit of a heatwave here yesterday, the temps got up to 40.5c that's 104.9f -  I knew once the wind got up and came from the North, it would scorch and sear anything in it's path, because it comes in off the desert. Being on holiday here getting out of bed early was a bit hard..but as I am a container gardener I knew if I didn't, my small garden would suffer badly and possibly fry without a good drink before the heat of the day.. In a heatwave, even large established plants wilt and wither.
I wonder though if I am the only person outdoors at 6.30am in their pajamas, messing about in the garden.. I took my camera to take a few photos the other day.. and tonight it was lovely eating fresh vege - organically grown and by my own hand.. such a satisfying feeling while nourishing our bodies with chemical free produce.

A pot of zucchinis, these are a dwarf variety..but look I have babies in here
Im thinking this would be tasty, stuffed and fried in a little tempura batter.
Pots of cucumbers.. the tall one is not going to do so well, its mates died, so I am not sure it will have enough pollinated flowers to grow more fruit.
however, I will get two cucumbers which isn't bad for the cost of two seeds.
Three tubs of tomatoes. I am amazed at how well these guys have done.. .
the fruit are huge 
My first red tomato
The lawn so needs mowing, but this container has beetroot and capsicums, the green, wooden ammunition box has dwarf beans in it. 
Beautiful fresh beets
More ammunition case, beans.

A different herb garden.. in the recycled old wooden book case, spring onions, garlic chives and flat parsley and in the black tub.. coriander
Pots of Russian Tarragon, Holy Basil (Thai) and its hot

And that is the vege patch.. It shows if your not able to put plants into the ground that you can still feed your family.  Have you ever grown vege in tubs, if so what do you grow?


Rose said...

It's looking good out there Wendy.

Sami Jae said...

What a wonderful array of fresh produce you have!
Love the amunition boxes :) I've old tin travel trunks that i've planted with all sorts of things. It adds to the rustic-ness of the garden.

Dyani - Little Deer Creations said...

he he he.....you are definitely not the only soul who ventures into the garden in the wee hours with pyjamas still on!
Your garden is wonderful - your plants all look so healthy you must truly have a green thumb! Well done!

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