Jan 5, 2012

Change and Gratitude

Lots going on the last few days..  I have decided to take part in the Pagan Blog Project.. over 12 months, once a week I will write a post about my faith.. beginning with the letter A.. it will be interesting for me for a couple of reasons, it will give me more focus on my spirituality, something that has been a little hard over the last few years.. and perhaps it will be enlightening to those who know little of a pagan path.

The other thing, I have decided to become involved is.. I CAN change one thing... which is a goal setting exercise. There are a number of things I want to archive this year, some of these things are developmental.. for example..show myself a little more love, one of the hardest loves to give.. so over at witch-blog there is a free little book to down load, so you can write and follow your goals.. if you want to check it out pop   over to I CAN Change One Thing  download the booklet. There is also a Gratitude Journal, something I am looking forward to working on, and I do have many things to be grateful for..

I also got some great news yesterday at the Dr's..  as some of you know, I have been adjusting to life with AS.. however just before Christmas, it was discovered that the medication I was on to help treat it, has caused problems with my heart in the form of atrial fibrillation and angina.. I have had numerous tests over the last few weeks.. and yesterday was told that, while I need to stay on medicine to help my heart rate, there has been no permanent damage to my heart - I am so relieved, it has been a huge worry over the last month but it has also been a bit of a wake up call for me.. to be in the ER and wondering am I going to have a heart attack and that's the end of it., so this has led to a new place for sharing.. a new blog.. it will not take the place of Butterflies and Breezes, this has been my baby for 4 years now.. my new blog is going to focus more on my personal change, on my Pagan path, on how I feel about growing older and entering a new phase of my life.. Crone. I could write all this here, but I feel Butterflies and Breezes has evolved into something I am happy with, a place to share living in general, recipes, ideas, some paganism.. I just didn't feel it was the right place to explore this new area.. soooo if folk are interested in reading this new blog.. come and take a peek at "Tales From A Crones Hearth"   It is set up to go but I am sure I will be changing the layout and tweaking it a little..  I would be happy to have you stop by..


Dragon (Karen) said...

Great news about your health your Wendy!

I think you're fantastic for having such a Pagan focus this year, maybe your attitude will help me. Since my wonderful Merv died (three years this Feb 28), I've not done a full moon worship, I've not created a sacred circle ... in fact I often forget the festivals that used to get me so excited.

I'm not sure what's happening, but I know I need to work at my spirituality, as I'm letting that side of me down ... and yet being Pagan is a huge part of me.

I'm looking forward to reading your writings and your new blog!

Brightest Blessings!

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