Aug 4, 2011

H triple M - Hmmm

The other day I was out front, putting a few pansy's into a planter box, and as I walked past a container near the front door, that homed my red geranium - I had a look at it and thought how the winter had been a little rough on the coconut fibre inner, it was all falling apart.. I decided this weekend I would take a trip to the garden centre and get a new one,.. here it is below in all it's scruffy glory.

Now this morning I was sitting at the computer doing a little work - The computer is right beside the window looking over the front lawn, and as I was sat, I noticed a little movement out of the corner of my eye.. Thinking it was the crow that comes up to the floor length window to peek in at me most days, I turned for a look... nope not a crow to be seen... but there was a visitor - A Magpie.. some folk hate them as they are very territorial in breeding season, but I really like them..

Be gentle on the photographer,  these photos where taken hastily, between a gap in the blind, through the glass of a closed window, which is covered in fly mesh.. so some are a little funky.
Now it took a double take to realize what this bird was up to.. hmmm

I think I might hold off on replacing this liner as it was not a cold, blustery winter that had reeked havoc on my coconut coir, pot liner! It was Mrs Maggie Pie, tugging out the fibres, until her beak was suitably full.. Well, I may have a scruffy planter, but I am feeling a little blessed to know it has gone to a good cause, and she will have a warm and cosy nest for her family and really isn't that what we all strive for. 


DEB said...

Hope her nest is nice and snug. Considering the circumstances the photos are great. Whenever I get a camera near any wildlife, it off, gone and any reasonable shot is by sheer accident. I've been having visits from 3 magpies in my garden, but here in Tassy, I have never known them to get aggressively territorial.

Becca said...

aaawww how cute! ...

Anonymous said...

That is so very cute. I love magpies. The ones we have here in The Netherlands look a bit different though.
Have a magical day.

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