Jun 7, 2011

A Wee Visitor

It has been a bitterly cold day here in Victoria today, about an hour ago the temp outdoors dropped to -1.8c thats about 25f. It is a real winters day. I watched someone playing golf in the hail and wind wondering if they were in fact a legend or a fruit loop, and as the wind whistled and whirled across the golf course I sat waiting for their umbrella to blow inside out, or for tem to take off Mary Poppins fashion.. alas I was amused by neither.. what I did find, was a lone babe from the woods.
I am expecting the wind blew a little hard and this wee one tumbled out of the nest. It managed to get onto our fence, just under the eaves to stay out of the wind and rain.
 A very cute, but chilly baby Magpie, I doubt this babe is very old.
To spite the sleet and chill, this little one sat on the fence and jabbered away in baby Magpie talk for the longest time, my awwww moment for the day.
Every now and then this little one would stop it's baby jatter, and look up as if to say "Are you here yet Muma"
What a precious gift.. I was so blessed to have been able to spend sometime,nose to beak through the window,  now the night is now that much colder, I hope it's Mumma came taking it somewhere that it is warm and dry and safe from foxes and feral cats.. Goddess Bless little one.


Sara said...

How gorgeous. I love this time of year for the young birds and other animals. Good photographs too. Hugs Sara

nellymary said...

Oh Wendy he is sooo cute....I do hope his mummy finds him otherwise you might just have one more mouth to feed...and a very demanding mouth it would be too. Thanks for showing us your awwwwww moment.

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