Jun 22, 2011

Yeastie Beasties

Firstly, I had to share the fruit sour dough.. I'm afraid it never made it to the deep freeze on the night it was made, come 10pm that evening, my husband and I went and looked at it, it screamed cut me and we ate two large slices, and oh my goodness it was sooooo good!
I had huge plans for the weekend, but the best made plans of mice and men, well woman in this case..I couldn't find a decent cabbage that was worth the $4 plus they wanted for it, so the sauerkraut making went out the window.. As for the sourdough pancakes.. maybe this weekend...I do want to make Christine's fruit sourdough again and the recipe calls for a healthy amount of starter and I want to keep up a good supply, so one of my yeasty beasties upgraded to the penthouse suite.
Dough Baby got a new jar, it holds a LOT which suits me and he fine.. Kamut Baby is developing that wonderful smell that only comes with wild yeasts.
My newest baby arrived today, t'was a difficult delivery - the "stork courier" delivered my precious goodies to the wrong house.. after a call to the "priority" courier company, I was told "it was delivered" my reply, "Yes it was delivered but not to my house" he then went on to say "Did you look in the garden" .. "I shouldn't need to look in the blimmin' garden" "Fair call" he said.. He would call the driver and ring me back.. the call never came but the parcel did via some sailor's child that I had never seen before. Out of courtesy I called the company back to say 'yeastie beastie #3" was here... they informed me that the driver said he didn't know what number house he had delivered to..good on you Toll Priority and thanks for calling back... but look.. this is my newest venture, this unusual looking weird thing, beneficial budding Kefir culture, doesn't have a name yet, but isn't it an amazing bit of nature.

Looks like a cauliflower sprig, but spongy.
Apparently this cute little milky manifestation self propagates
And this unassuming jar of milk is its new home.. can't wait to see whats going on with it tomorrow..
And it really should have been the first not the last.. Blessed Solstice to you all... 


DEB said...

I think its name should be Keef.

Becca said...

oooh I'm a little yealous of your kefir.... what magical joy that is!.. I would love to have some again.. sigh...

Blessed Solstice to you to ofcourse

Hailey Marie said...

That bread looks great! I just made my first loaf yesterday and I'm hooked now. I'm going to get a sourdough starter going soon because I love me some sourdough bread.

Lisa said...

Oh my that fruit bread looks delish,I'm not surprised you couldn't resist!

Good luck with the kefir. The grains are funny looking things hey! I've started resting my milk kefir every week or so as it produces way more than I can consume. Try it in a fruit smoothie with a dash of vanilla and some rapadura sugar.

nellymary said...

I love the look of your yeastie beasties.....I can almost smell them as they come out of the oven...and your Kefir.....you lucky thing, the real deal...mine is a Kefir 'powder'....and It doesn't produce...I will run out soon. ...You will be able to make breads with your Kefir..even pizza bases..or flat breads with a yummy zing to the flavour.....My Kefir sourdough baby is still growing....I suppose it will be all grown up soon....not sure how much to use for a loaf of bread yet...but ahhh well...there's still time....

I love that you got your two favourite things in the one parcel too....A great heirloom to add to the family for many years to come. Very lovely.

nellymary said...

I like Keef for a boy too...or Kaffy for a girl....lol

Christine said...

Your loaves turned out great, Wendy!

Kefir..this is unchartered waters for me. Kefner? Keffs? Keffina? Gosh it really is just like choosing names for a baby, lol! Happy keffing in the meantime :)

Regina said...

your bread looks wonderful.
nice blog.
greetings from germany,

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