Jun 20, 2011

Postie Presents

I love getting mail. I love getting parcels in the mail, and while I get lots of deliveries of soap making products, I love those just for me parcels.. and I got one today.
Now, I have this wee passion for all things quiltie.. I lust after those gorgeous bed quilts that squeal "please let me be a family heirloom" those beautiful quilted items everyone else seems to be able to make but me, however I can't sew my way out of a wet paper bag -
But wait there is more, my quilt passion runs a close second to my love of all things chicken.. I have chickens strategically placed about the kitchen and dining area.. I even have a couple of Royal Dalton chickens, now before you all see $$$$$$ rolling in your eyes, don't fret they were seriously marked down from three figures to a mere $30 and $19 but wait.. there is more... what if I could get my two favorite things in one envelope? Yes I know smuggling livestock in envelopes is illegal but this isn't...
A bed quilt was way out of my price range, but when I was looking at quilt shops on Etsy, I found this wonderful quilted table runner. I saw it, I needed it..wanted it. I love to by Australian made but have never seen anything like this here, so it came all the way the US.

And it looks lovely on the table I think.

Perhaps one day, I will put my mind to try making one, but for the moment I am content to enjoy the beauty of another woman's cleverness and creativity.


Tania @ Out Back said...

Truly a lovely piece of handicraft Wendy.

I want to make something like this for my table, but never seem to get around to it. Maybe I should check out Etsy too!

Looks great!

Crystalrainbow said...

wow that is a stunner runner lol i love quilt too but still havent managed to create myself... i got as far as cutting the squares :) x x x

DEB said...

Looks great, but I am intrigued by the flowers in the vase, what kind are they? They look beautiful. I love getting myself pressies as well and find lots of excuses to do so. My pressie arrived today as well, 14 smooth rose bushes to plant in my new garden.


Dragon (Karen) said...

Wow what a great fine ... that is really gorgeous!

Deb said...

It looks wonderful Wendy. Who knew you were a crazy chicken lady, who couldn't sew her way out of a wet paper bag? Rolling on the floor laughing. You know, now, every time I see a chicken I will be happily thinking of you.

Must admit I love the Rooster statue on the table, just gorgeous. I love the way you have done your arrangement on the runner.

Hope you are having a lovely week.
Cheers, Deb

Rose said...

Now how great is that. It looks fabulous Wendy, enjoy.

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