Jun 24, 2011

On My Mind..Procrastination

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About 18 months ago, my husband rummaged around in his box of 'can't throw this away' and hauled out a suede covered book. Now the reason he did this was because I had complained every time I baked or cooked, "I wish I had a nice book to put this pile of papers in - I can write them all down and have a nice collection of recipes, in a book that i can one day pass on... "
Well, I do have a nice book to put the pile of papers in.. they are still sitting in it.
Sorry about the lousy photo, I am without a camera.
This is a little challenge to myself for those days, I am not physically upto doing much - I can sit and write all these lovely recipes I have collected from the web, books, and from you all into this big old book!
Now all I have to do is work out the best way to divide it up and index it - I am open to any ideas.


Becky said...

That is a lovely book. I think I would organize your recipe's by recipe type... appetizers, main dishes, vegetables, meat, cookies/desserts, etc... and see how they look percentage wise to know about how many pages to designate for each type and then figure out how many pages to assign for each section. I think then at the beginning of each section I'd create a "title" page for the type of recipes to follow. Or you could use those file tabs to label each section (although I've never had much luck using them on something I would utilize on a daily basis). Just some ideas.

nellymary said...

I guess have a look at the index in the front of a cookbook to see how they are set out....usually in order of when you eat it...ie..starters, then mains, then desserts....but broken down even more....into soups...biscuits, cakes....drinks......
I've thought of doing that too...putting them in order...I hold back though thinking of how I would make room for new additions....what if I didn't have any room left? Where would I then add that recipe..and how would anyone know that it was in there? too much hassle for me...I do it on my Recipe file on the computer, but the hard copy...that I can carry around with me...it's just jumbled!
sorry I have no ideas to help.

Rose said...

I'd start really simply Wendy - breakfast, lunch, mains, desserts, baking, preserves. That way you'll get over the procrastination hump (I've been there often!) and, if a better method occurs to you as you do it, so be it.

Stitchin' time said...

Been there, done that! You'll probably need another book later but keep the titles in this one basic - Meat recipes, seafood recipes, vegetables, cakes and biscuits, desserts(anything that's not a cake or a biscuit!) and don't forget the Quick Meals heading at the front for those days when you want something quick, other than meat and 3 veg, but the family is starving and it's been a long day!
You can be creative with your titles next time when you know the recipes you use the most and have a better idea of how you can locate them quicker.
Have fun :).

Hi, I'm Chris said...

What a conundrum, everybody so far has given great ideas and seems a sensible approach. Another suggestion might be to sort them into order of favourites. I have book that I use that way and I know it so well, that I can find the recipes because they are usually stiff and covered in dried up bits from the cooking, that’s my index. Sounds grouse but tell me you’ve never put sticky fingers onto a recipe in a book, even when you wipe it off, you’ve still left your mark.

Christine said...

What a gorgeous old book! Perfect for your recipes. Happy indexing..what ever style you choose :)

Buttons said...

What a wonderful idea. It is funny I wrote about procrastination this week also. Good luck. B

Hana - Marmota said...

I have no idea for indexing, but I must say what a beautiful book you have! Definitely a pass-on material. :-)

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