Jun 16, 2011

Inspirations and Baby Gremlins

Yesterday, I said I had another batter on the go, this time the majority of the flour was Kamut. I have decided the batter with Kamut as well as the Kamut flour starter resembles, that old baby food "baby rice" or Baby Farex" without the gritty bits - It was interesting to work with, it was quick to take liquid, but it didn't seem to need as much as I would normally use. It was  very easy to knead... I wish I could have taken more photos than I have, but I am using my phone to take photos (camera is broken) After the first rise, I was sure it was to wet, it seemed to be a bit sticky, so I bypassed yesterdays casserole dish and went for an open pan.. It rose the second time quiet well.
 I am such an advocate for very high heat for the first 10 to 15 minutes of cooking,  It really gives the yeasts a huge boost, releasing lots of gas causing an increase in size and a great crust, so the oven was up on 250c. Another thing I have gotten in the habit to do, is placing an empty pan in the bottom of the oven, and when I put the bread in, I pour water into the pan and get the door shut as quick as I can..this makes steam, again aiding in a nice crust.
This is my finished loaf.  It has semolina on top.
The bottom looking flat, unlike yesterday
I haven't cut this loaf.. we are trying to live a frugal lifestyle so it is in the deep freeze. And yesterdays experiment is still being eaten. I did learn a valuable lesson today... *insert suitable red face*  see below-
Do not put glass pie dish in bottom of 250c oven, then add water even if it is boiling... big badda boom.. broke my favorite pie dish.. where was my usual container.. look up - the breads in it - duh me.
I appreciate this post is a little long.. thanks for hanging in there.. :-)

I am always excited to read about others bread making endevours, and today I was delighted to see what was going on when I popped on over to Slow Living Essentials to visit Christine, who also enjoys making bread with wild yeasts - she was making sour dough with a glorious twist.. for me there is nothing better than a slice of thick crusted, chewy yet flavorsome sour dough, how can this be improved? by adding fruit and far more cinnamon than the recipe ever said. So, I borrowed Christine's recipe which she blogged about today, and modified it. It makes 2 generous loaves and calls for 500grams of leaven.. I have worked 'dough baby' pretty hard the last few days and decided to use just a small amount of him and give 'Kamut baby' a go. It was about a  40% dough baby and 60% kamut baby. Remembering this starter is only 2 1/2 days old.
I was not disappointed... after 3 of the 5 hour first rise time.

The dough never made it to 5 hours, while this will have affected the flavour a little I had no idea how the Kamut starter was going to reactI didnt want the dough to collapse.. I decided to cut the rising time short and shape it into two, weird looking loaves.. I went off to the library ran some errands and  came back and popped them in the oven...
Unfortunately, I got engrossed in a soap book and they over cooked a little, well a lot.. but they will still be good to eat. I was not disappointed with the result. 
Lastly... I no longer have cute bubbling baby.. nooooooo I have created a, do not feed after dark  wild yeast gobbling gremlin.
I fed Kamut baby today - there was maybe 1/2 cup of starter left after the fruit bread.. I added 3/4 cup filtered water, and 3/4 cup Kamut flour.. left the 'babies' sitting in a kitchen where the temperature was 13c.. and look 2 hours later.

Below is 4 hours

At 5 hours, I took to it with a spoon, and mushed it into submission, it was gonna escape out of the jar.
As I type, the Kamut Baby is back up to the rim.. it doesnt have the lovely, yeasty sour dough smell yet..but I am sure it will come. I am surprised at how reactive this flour is. I am no expert, but I expect the high protein in Kamut flour has something to do with it. On the weekend I am going to try our favorite sour dough pancakes with the Kamut starter and flour.. also some home made pasta.. which Kamut flour is also good for.. possibly sauerkraut and next week my Kefir grains arrive will keep you informed, if you haven't all nodded off :-)


nellymary said...

I'm so envious...I have been thinking about making a sour dough...but haven't had the nerve to....and I love sour dough bread too....thanks for sharing your babies...I might try...I have milk Kefir at the moment that I would like to make a loaf from...so maybe next time...

Lisa said...

Wow Wendy your bread looks fantastic! I've thoroughly enjoyed popping in each day to see what you've made and how your babies are growing. Sourdough is still on my list of things to do. What type of kefir are you getting?

WendyB said...

Nellymary- sour dough is easy, if your patient and you live in a warmish climate, so can't see it being a problem
Lisa- I am getting my very first milk Kefir, I was also thinking about a water kefir but might see how I go with this one first. No idea what I am doing yet :-)

Christine said...

OMG, look at Kamut baby grow!! Amazing, and at 13c for just a couple of hours?? Unbelievable.

So nice to see you tried the fruit breads - they look great. Wonderful for toast with melting butter.

Bugger about the glass dish. Does your oven really get up to 450c? I think the hottest ours goes is 250-270c or thereabouts...

WendyB said...

Christine.. 10pm last night my husband and I did a reccie on the kitchen, the fruit bread the target.. gosh it was so good.
Um-mm No I don't have an oven that goes to 450c.. I had a serious brain melt down between Celsius and Fahrenheit - should have been 250c

Little Home In The Country said...

Wow! GREAT BREADS! I love sourdough, too and am just getting the hang of it. Sorry about your favourite pie dish - that's a bummer :( Those fruit breads are baking my mouth water....

nellymary said...

Wendy, watching your babies...I couldn't hold off any longer...I made my Kefir starter....but it's cold here and only just starting to smell sweet...the Kefir is already sour..so I'm just waiting for it to double....I did just realise I had to stir it daily, which I hadn't done for the first two days...I live and learn.....
Your blog is wonderful..I'm putting your button on my blog! Brilliant!!

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