Feb 18, 2011

Welcoming Abigal to the family

On Sunday, we all went to the local Craft Market here at Mornington..I was queit excited because it had been the first time I seen Rod and his wife from Wee Folk Garden Art .since we arrived back in Victoria. I have a number of there sculptures and was keen to get a couple more..
Since the very first time I came to Australia 10 years ago, I have had an attraction to the Native gum trees, as a pagan woman I am very drawn to them.. I have flowering gums tattooed around my wrist and when I was hand fasted part of the circle was created with gum nuts..
so it is no surprise really that I was drawn to Abigal.. a perfect wee fairy taking a nap in a flowering gum nut...While she is an outside sculpture, she never made it that far and is happily snoozing by the door in our family room.

Isn't she beautiful.. I did make another purchase however I think that is worthy of a post of it;s own.


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